How to Find the Best Boarding Schools in India in 3 Easy Steps

Seeking admission to one of the best boarding schools in India?

Looking for admission in the best boarding schools in India?

The boarding schools of India website is giving up a simple and easy way to compare top boarding schools. And find the best residential school in India for your child.

Have these two considerations before you get started to find a boarding school @ BSI website.  Hence, you get exactly what you’re looking for!

About Boarding School 

    • >> Boarding school location
    • >> Education preference and its budget
    • >> Type of academic environment you want to give the child
    • >> Co-ed or boy/girls boarding and or boarding or day boarding school preferences
    • >> Classroom size and specific facilities in the boarding schools

About Your Child

  • >> Child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • >> What academic learning style he/she is most comfortable at
  • >> Keeping up with culture, values, goals, and priorities
  • >> Interests of your child, such as creative and musical, etc
  • >> Does he need special attention for specific subjects?


Find the best Boarding Schools in India in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Filter your Boarding School Search Criteria

Visit the boarding school of India website’s home page and select among the available filters to choose the best boarding school. Filters will help you cut down the search time and options so you can see what you prefer.

School Type

There are various kinds of boarding schools, offering world-class amenities and progressive-education style to teach for teens. Identifying which style of boarding school will suit your child can take these three easy steps. Besides, there are arts-based schools, all-boys schools, boarding schools, special needs boardings, preschools, day-cares, and more.

  • >> Boarding school for boys 

Using the value, you will be presented with some of the top boys boarding schools in India or in your preferred city or state.

  • >> Boarding school for girls 

The value will show results of the best boarding schools for girls in India, or around a preferred state or city.

  • >> Co-ed Boarding schools 

The value will show listings of the best co-ed boarding schools for girls and boys in India, or the preferred state, city.


Board Type

This is the most significant step to shorten the list of options. Parents who are looking for a preferred board can use this filter to find the best boarding school as per the selected board. The most preferred types of boards are CBSE, ICSE, IB, and CISCE.

Which can get to the list of the following:

  1. CBSE residential schools in India
  2. ICSE boarding schools in India
  3. IB boarding schools in India
  4.  CISE boarding schools in India 

Select State/City

In the next step, parents can select the city or preferred state they are looking for boarding schools in. Below are the top boarding locations popular among parents looking out for the best boarding school location.

  1. Boarding schools in Dehradun
  2. Boarding schools in Rajasthan
  3. Boarding schools in Delhi
  4. Boarding schools in Bangalore
  5. Boarding schools in Karnataka
  6. Boarding schools in Maharashtra
  7. Boarding schools in Mumbai


Step 2: Exclusive List of Schools

The above-mentioned filter will present many boarding school results. Parents can start with finding the top 5 best boarding schools to go through to the next step. 

Visit The Boarding School Profile

We advise you to have a checklist before visiting the boarding schools’ profiles. It will help parents to save time and drop the possibility of choosing the wrong school. With a proper checklist, it will be easy to find a boarding school with preferred amenities, features, sports facilities, health care facilities, etc.

Compare Top Boarding School Facilities

Top boarding schools in India are offering many facilities to attract students from all over India. Parents can find their best preference on the boarding schools’ profile and compare them with another school on the boarding schools of India website.


Top co-ed Boarding schools with the best accommodation facilities in India 

  1. Jain International Residential School, Bengaluru – CBSE / IGCSE / IBDP
  2. Shri Ram Centennial School Dehradun – ICSE, IGCSE
  3. Tulas International School, Dehradun – CBSE
  4. Springfield World School, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh – CBSE
  5. Satluj Public School, Ellenabad, Haryana – CBSE


Compare Fees of Boarding School in India

Boarding schools fee can be the ultimate factor for choosing or not choosing a boarding school for parents. There are many boarding school options are there on our website. Which include affordable boarding schools offering high-quality education and staying at your preferred prices.


Step 3: For Quick Resolution

Boarding School of India, with the largest listing of boarding schools, understands the issues faced by parents while finding a boarding school. It is willing to take time to educate the parents about the simple steps to find the best-fit boarding school for their child.

Get Admission Information

For more details about the boarding schools, you can fill up your details in the available form and someone from our team of counsellors will get back to you with the answers.


Chat with our counsellors

From the chat option available on the website, you can directly connect to one of the counsellors for unbiased opinions and exclusive information about your preferred boarding school.

Some quick tips

  1. Start early with your search for top boarding admissions
  2. Find it, compare with others, to get the best fits
  3. Join our news section to receive real-time updates about boarding schools
  4. If you need exclusive boarding school suggestions, let us know
  5. Get detailed information, guidance and search out the best boarding school


We hope this step-by-step guide will make your experience of finding the most suitable boarding school for your child a convenient affair. We will be back soon with more tips on choosing residential schools in India.

Till than have fun finding boarding schools…

For a more personalized assistance, talk to our expert @boardingschoolsofindia 

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