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When we verbalize about both boys and girls, they are special in their own ways and have been engendered just as exclusively. When children are grown, they require a transformation of scene for a better ‘shaping’ of their personality. Be it endeavouring to instil in them a sense of responsibility, discipline or liberation. This is where all-boys’ boarding schools in India come in.

It is a known fact that sometimes, Indian parents place their boys into boarding schools. Some form of liberation in the right amount can generate a sense of responsibility which benefits in the long run. Moreover, boarding facilities are withal a blessing in disguise for parents who have a job profile that demands them to re-locate a lot.


1. The Doon School

Life at The Doon School is an experience in itself. The entire boarding house care is categorized into five main houses. The institute takes good care of the boys by ascertaining their time spent constructively. The hostel faculty comprises of the headmistress, assistant headmistress, denizen tutor, dames, and tutors.

The denizen tutor deals with availing with the doubts and difficulties in a subject. The dame at the hostel is a doting and caring person who avails the boys to groom themselves well and withal to maintain the uniformity within the students. The counsellor aims to deal with sundry emotional issues such as peer pressure, homesickness to designate a few.

Address: Mall Rd, Krishna Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Fees: INR 10,25,000- 12,81,000 Approx.
Founded: 1935

2. The Scindia School

This school has been a proud holder of the top position for the ‘best boys Boarding School’ for the year 2019-20. The entire ambiance of the school is a fine place where the ecosystem of learning and edification has been well-established. All the facilities such as the attire store, stationery store, the telephone booth, the medical store and much more are available.

The facilities at the campus are tech-savvy with all the comforts. The ‘Astachal’ is one of the most fascinating features of the school where the students converge in the amphitheatre during the sunset to pray for spiritual placidity.

Address: Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Fees: INR 12,00,000 Approx.
Board: CBSE
Founded: 1897

3. Mayo College

Mayo College holds a fine legacy of excellence. It is known for its academic accomplishments, fine resident school facilities and a variety of activities of arts and sports. This institute is a place for adolescent boys to develop skills, achieve academic goals and overall development.

To offer better care and security, the system has been divided in to ‘Houses predicated on the school grades’ i.e. Junior School, Middle School, and Senior school. The hostel faculty comprises of the Housemaster, assistant housemaster, House Tutor, Denizen dame. These well-trained and experienced people of the hostel faculty avail the boys in their everyday situations.

Address: Srinagar Rd, Ajmer, Rajasthan
Fees: INR 11,50,000 Approx.
Board: CBSE
Founded: 1875

4. Welham Boys School

The boarding life at this school is a place to cherish your child and emerge a vibrant and confident person. It is considered one of the best Boarding schools in India for boys. The facilities are one of a kind where nothing is spared when it comes to ascertaining the safety, security, edification, and the overall development of the boys.

The hostel faculty comprises of the housemaster, housemother, tutors, who are accomplished individuals trained to ascertain that all your queries and challenges you might endure are dealt with. The boarding facility at the institute is divided in to ‘Junior school’, ‘Middle School’ and ‘senior school’.

Address: 5, circular Rd, Dalanwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Fees: INR 6,50,000 Approx.
Board: CBSE
Founded: 1937

5. Bishop Cotton School

The boarding facility of this school in Shimla is the best one. Here, the institute ascertains that the boarders residing are well looked after and taken care of for their everyday tasks and chores. The lunch and snack breaks are well-timed to ascertain that the children get timely alimentation.

Additionally, the time-out at the terminus of the day is designated so that the children get enough slumber and rest to be able to face the next day. The entrance test is held in the month of September and now students can also apply in march.

Address: The Shimla Bypass, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Fees: INR 2,55,000 Approx.
Board: ICSE, ISC
Founded: 1865

6. La Martiniere College

La Martiniere is a premier institution when it comes to Best boarding schools in India. The denizen philomaths at the La Martiniere are a testimony of the school ethos and details to the care system. The boys are being taken care of by the Housemasters. Special accentuation is placed in terms of hygiene, self-care, discipline and overall development of each student here.

The dormitory superintendents oversee the routine requisites of the students regarding their laundry, uniform and slumbering arrangement. The institute has a well-regulated warden and prefect system to ascertain the overall conduct of the students.

Address: La Martiniere Rd, Martin Purva, Uttar Pradesh
Fees: INR 2,27,494 Approx.
Board: ICSE, ISC
Founded: 1845

7. St Georges College

Breath-taking and pulchritudinous! This is what defines the campus of St. George’s College at first glance. There is a certain regal-air about this institute, which makes a person feel ‘royal’ no matter what. The exquisite infrastructure and antiquated architecture are what defines the institute and its tendency for excellence in about everything.

The boarding facilities at the St. George College are world-class to ascertain maximum security and comfort for the boarders. The Olympic sized swimming pool, auditorium and internet facilities can be availed at the campus. The entrance test is held in the month of February.

Address: Barlow Ganj, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
Fees: INR 4,51,892 Approx.
Board: ICSE, ISC
Founded: 1853

8. St Paul’s School

Having a legacy of excellence and achievements to boasted about, the St.Paul’s School is all about bringing out the best in each child. Likewise, the boarding facilities at the institute are something to boasted about, as special emphasis is placed to ascertain that the children are actively involved in proficiency-enhancing activities and much more. The hostel facilities are safe and comfortable for the students to flourish.

The boarding facilities additionally ascertain that the children make the best utilization of the in-house clubs and programs which have been designed to keep the children involved in all-productive work and beyond. This additionally avails them to be able to expand their horizons and explore more.

Address: Jalapahar, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
Fees: INR 5,00,000 Approx.
Board: ICSE, ISC
Founded: 1856

9. Birla Vidya Mandir

Birla Vidya Mandir is a quite pretty and sprawling campus. Having a historic year of establishment, the institute is all about academic achievements, sports, extra curriculum, development, and overall discipline. The boys here are under the expert care of the hostel faculty and they ascertain that every child is attended to as per their schedule.

The boarding facilities are divided into ten different houses to ascertain a congruous system of care provides equipollent. The reason for considering the best boarding schools in India for boys is of the overall achievements that students and achieved and the constant support by the teachers.

Address: Birla Road, near Snow View, Mallital, Uttarakhand 263002
Fees: INR 2,12,000 Approx.
Board: CBSE
Founded: 1947

10. Sarala Birla Academy

With international standards to boasted about, the Sarala Birla Academy is all about excellence and elegance in every aspect. It is counted as one of the best boarding schools in India for boys, it offers a wide range of facilities.

The boys residing under the boarding facilities are well taken care of by the Housemaster, house mother, and two denizen edifiers. They reside within the campus to ascertain better supervision and care. The amenities at the hostel include a lounge, prevalent room, indoor game facilities to designate a few.

Address: Bannerghatta Main Rd, Opp. school of India, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Fees: INR 6,00,000 Approx.
Board: IGCSE, IB
Founded: 2004


We hope that you can find a good residential school for your child which meets all your requirements and criteria. There are various Boys Boarding Schools in India, but these are the best boarding schools shortlisted by educationist experts who have decades of experience in the field of education. For any queries, you can contact us. Our specialist will help you out.

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