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Owing to a rich learning culture and history. Schooling in India has always been considered by many to have an edge above the rest of the world. Remember when children used to go to Gurukuls to live and get an education. In parents’ minds, sending their kids to a boarding school in India drives a similar development.

While addressing the child’s overall development. Today’s co-ed boarding schools are cooler and more stylish than ever. Living in a co-ed residential school in India develops children’s independence, boldness, allows them to handle challenges on their own, and encourages them to socialize and take charge of their education and career.

Our aim in this article is to provide information on some of the Best Co-ed Boarding Schools in India, listed on the Boarding Schools of India website. We have chosen schools based on reviews and popularity among parents. If you are an NRI looking for the best boarding schools in India, this might help you”. 


Let’s get started with the quick overview of the “Best boarding schools in India” list below, 

Jain International Residential School (JIRS) was founded in 1999 by Dr.Chenraj Roychand as part of the Jain Group. Jain International Residential School – Bengaluru is ranked No. 1 among India’s Top Boarding Schools in an independent poll by a renowned educational magazine in the annual school ranking survey 2021-2022, as one of the most inventive, prospering, and ambitious boarding schools in India.

While completely focusing on its vision “Transforming Potentialities into Realities”. JIRS school’s unique concept is LEARNING FOR LIFE & preparing the young minds today to become tomorrow’s leaders in whatever they aim to do.


With over 250+ staff & 750+ students schooled from Class V to XII under CBSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and Cambridge International curricula.

JIRS offers three globally recognized academic curriculums to give students global exposure. In a supportive and challenging environment for both teachers and students. Encouraging the intellectual curiosity among students to make them go beyond just academics to achieve new heights with developing personal abilities and life skills.


CBSE – 5th to 12th Grade

Cambridge International – 6th to 10th Grade

IBDP – 11th and 12th Grade

Facilities & Features 

Exclusive world-class coaching with unmatchable sports facilities
>> Advanced Sports Facilities
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms
>> Medical Facility Medical Room or Clinic Resident Doctor Medical Staff Isolation Room
>> Qualified professional national & international level coaches
>> Library Digital Library
>> Career Counselling
>> Student Exchange Programs
>> AV Facilities Interactive Boards
>> School App
>> Wi-Fi
>> AC Hostels
>> Transport Facility AC Buses
>> Smart Laboratories Facilities
>> 150+ NRI & Foreign National children from 20+ countries

Why choose JIRS 

• The Jain International Residential School is one of the top schools with international standards in India. With an exceptional academic community and a holistic approach to boarding schools.
• Apart from academic excellence, JIRS offers a wide range of departments, societies representing different disciplines, clubs, student unions, and 35 national and international coaches making JIRS a veritable hive of activity.
• Offers a broad curriculum with competent and exciting courses, and personalized learning through dedicated and well-informed faculty.
• An extraordinary set of leaders, teachers, and administrators to guide JIRS for two decades and stir it to be the perfect choice for the new generation of students.
• JIRS ensures high-level training with professional fitness experts, video analysts, visiting foreign coaches, international sports tournaments, and exchange programs to provide opportunities on the global platform.

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Jain International School, Bangalore is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking. Providing homely care to students with a blend of a home-like environment. 
To get more details about Jain International School, Bangalore, fees, amenities, and other details. Click here 

ODM Public School

ODM was among the first CBSE schools in the state of Odisha to offer the best education facilities. Founded by ODM Educational Group in 1989, ODM Public School is a co-educational day and boarding school in Bhubaneshwar. It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) aspires to give every kid the opportunity to pursue his or her true extent. With More than 300 faculty and staff members teaching more than 3500 students from Nursery to class XII.  

Ranks No.1 in The Times of India Schools Survey rankings for the state of Odisha.
DM Public School serves 4500 students from Nursery through XII at its co-ed boarding and day school in Bhubaneswar.  

“The classes in ODM Public School for every academic year starts from April” 



ODM Public School, a 21st Century education organization, fosters responsive and motivated students with a dynamic, success-oriented educational program that empowers them with a global and local perspective. Offers a Co-Curricular Enrichment Program (CCEP) that supports the regular curriculum with creativity and undiscovered skills. 

CBSE Classes -Pre Primary School (Pre School) | Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) | Nursery, LKG & UKG – Class XII CBSE Classes -Pre Primary School (Pre School) – Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) 

 Facilities & Features  

> Library Digital Library
>>Career Counselling
>> Pandemic free environment
>> Student Exchange Programs
>> CCTV based & Security surveillance
>> Advanced Sports Facilities
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms
>> Medical Facilities and Medical Room
>> Day Care
>> School App
>> Wi-Fi
>> Smart classrooms
>> AC Hostels
>> Transport Facility AC Buses
>> Smart Laboratories Facilities

Why choose ODM Public School? 
  1. ODM follows a Unique Integrated System of Learning using “inquiry and real-life learning” as a vehicle of learning.
  2. ODM empowers students, faculty, and employees with values that contribute to better human beings to create great leaders to meet the challenges of the future and make decisions for the welfare of society.
  3. The school is situated on a peaceful, green campus with a variety of amenities and activities for students to enjoy while studying and learning new things.
  4. The school has smart and air-conditioned classrooms, open-air classrooms, a laboratory, a library, a Wi-Fi campus, a music and dance room, an art room, a resource room, a toy house, a dormitory, a cafeteria, a swimming pool, a gym, a basketball and volleyball court, a cricket ground, and an auditorium.
  5. A rich Co-Curricular Enrichment Program (CCEP) that complements the core curriculum by evoking each student’s creativity and hidden abilities.
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    ODM Public School is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking for the best boarding school in India.  

    To get more details about, ODM Public School, fees, amenities, and other details. Click here 

Springfield World School Banner in Boarding School Of India



Established in 1999, Springfield World School is a CBSE-affiliated day and boarding school with a campus extending over 32 acres in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, under the Karan Education and Welfare Society.  


Springfield World School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), following the 10 + 2 education pattern. The boarding school in Indore also focuses on providing an international level of learning with a profound impact on student outcomes,/learning, growth, health, behaviour, engagement, and achievement. 

Facilities & Features  

>  4 swimming pools (Olympic size)
>> Lawn-Tennis courts
>> Art & Craft
>> Outdoor & indoor game
>> Clay Modelling
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms
>> Medical Facilities and Medical Room
>> Vocal Music
>> 400 mt. athletic track
>> Painting
>> Soccer field (Olympic size)
>> Origami
>> Classical & Western Dance
>> Musical learning facilities with an instrument like (Guitar, Tabla, Flute, Drum, Congo, Keyboard)

Why choose Springfield World School?  
  1. Springfield World School is a dream school for your child, with 50 acres of natural greenery and a pandemic-free campus.
  2. Springfield World School offers affordable education with the kind of facilities usually only found in large schools, which is why several of India’s best leaders, sportsmen, and achievers attended boarding schools, such as Springfield World School.
  3. World-class academic facilities that guarantee better education for a bright and secured future for your child.
  4. All activities at Springfield World School are cantered on students’ needs, from the morning wake-up call to bedtime. Often, children who are ill at home become fond of school.
  5. Children who have a passion for creative arts have the facilities and expert guidance to live their dreams. Springfield World School provides extensive facilities for Art & Craft, Dance, and Music (Vocal as well as instrumental).
  6. To make teaching and learning interesting and enjoyable. Springfield World School, Vidisha promotes activity-based learning to encourage students to actively build their own learning experience through practically engaging in activities.  
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Springfield World School is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents looking for the best boarding schools in Madhya Pradesh. Providing homely care to students with a blend of a home-like environment. 
To get more details about, Springfield World School fees, amenities, and other details. Click here  

ODM Global School

ODM Global School, Bhubaneshwar is a first-of-its-kind CBSE school in the country, with specific activities designed to help every kid on its campus thrive holistically. 

The ODM education group founded it in 2021. The greatest of the country’s talent is brought in to teach ODM Global School’s students under one roof. They are Odisha’s first educational institution to be recognized in the prestigious K-12 school education category. 


It offers a unique school curriculum combined with world-class facilities and infrastructure that incorporates all the aspects of top international schools. A curriculum focused on the overall development of the students, powered by the Student Holistic Performance Index (SHPI) 

CBSE Classes – Primary School (Class I) – Sr. Secondary School (Class XI-XII) (Science, Commerce & Humanities) 

Facilities & Features  

> Robotics & Ai learning 
>> Use Modern Technologies, FRTs, Access Locks, Scanners, etc
>> 12+ Global Educators
>> Advanced Sports Facilities
>> Psychometric analysis available for Class VIII-XII
>> Career & Psychological counselling
>> CCTV based & security surveillance
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms
>> Collaborations with 7 celebrity educational brands with exclusivity 
>> Coding-ai/mental math classes
>> Modern-day learning methods 
>> Smart classrooms

Why choose  

  1. As one of the top CBSE schools in Odisha, ODM global school, Odisha offers distinguished co-academic programs for students to pursue their true talents and follow their passion in a friendly and inclusive environment. 
  2. Their co-curricular programs continue to evolve and to support the growth and dreams of 1000+ students, followed by world-class facilities like state-of-the-art performance centers with brand-new instruments inside the ODM Global School. 
  3. ODM global schools’ academic programs commit to delivering co-teaching and team teaching, excellent academic support, and project-based learning.
  4. Every OGS student learns with a combined and dynamic core curriculum to encourage and inspire them for world-class academic excellence.
  5. With highly skilled teaching teams equip students with a foundational academic curriculum blended with critical thinking skills that they require to achieve concrete success after high school.  

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is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking. Providing homely care to students with a blend of a home-like environment.  

To get more details about, fees, amenities, and other details. Click here  

Tulas International School, Dehradun

TULA’S International School was founded in 2012 by the Rishabh Educational Trust, to impart education through seamless opportunities. The school is popular to integrate progressive education through the Modern Gurukul Concept. 

Tula’s International is a Co-Ed Residential School. It is an ideal example of a perfect fusion between the Old Gurukul System and a Modern Approach that aims at the development of Mind, Body, and Soul. 


Powered by a PAN India curriculum and a common framework for education, Tula’s is affiliated with the CBSE, a board that is on top of the latest educational reforms. 

TIS is affiliated with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and follows the old tried and tested methods of teaching that have given way to new ones as diverse subjects have been added to the curriculum, such as life skills, human behavior, health management, and disaster management.  

Facilities & Features  

> 22 Acres, Pollution- Free, World-Class Modern Infrastructure
>> Outstanding Academics with Record-Breaking Results
>> Spacious Comfortable Home-like Boarding Houses
>> Promoting Innovative, Experiential Learning Practices
>> Career Information and Guidance Department
>> 15+ Olympic Sports including Horse Riding, Shooting Range, etc.
>> Ideal Student: Teacher Ratio 5:1
>> Extremely Friendly and Approachable Management
>> Wi-Fi, Smart Classrooms, Camera Monitored and Secure Campus
>> Indoor and outdoor sports activities & Exceptional Facilities

 Why choose TIS  

  1. Tula’s International School has been awarded as the “Best Residential School in Uttarakhand, India” at the Education Excellence Awards 2018. 
  2. Foster students’ personal growth and development to transform society through service and moral values. To create and disseminate knowledge by developing the intellect of our students with enthusiasm and excellence.  
  3. TIS believes in nurturing students beyond academics. With offering 360* academic excellence through quality education and learning experience to our students. 
  4. As one of Dehradun’s top boarding schools, they want to bring about a transformation in students not only in academics but also in their mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative thinking processes. 
  5. Its faculty is one of its strengths. We have excellent teachers compared to other top boarding schools in Dehradun. They are trained regularly to identify each student’s skill sets and provide instruction in a way that fosters multiple intelligences. 
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TULA’S International School is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking best boarding school in Dehradun
To get more details about TULA’S International School fees, amenities, and other details. Click here  


Shri Ram Centennial School Dehradun

The Shri Ram Centennial School was envisaged by Mr. Anil K. Garg in the year 2000. Shri Ram Education Trust has established a chain of high-end schools in India to give young Indians quality education.   

SRCS Dehradun has been awarded on the Parameter-Wise-Holistic-Development, for the past two consecutive years, among top boarding schools in Dehradun.  

The boarding school has earned a reputation as one of Uttarakhand’s premier day boarding and residential schools. Providing high-quality education standards to kids in grades IV through Xl, as well as unequalled day boarding to students in grades I through XII. 


Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun affiliated with CISCE, and follow the curriculum provided by the ICSE. Writing skills, preparing for larger academic problems, and practicing independent study skills are emphasized SRCS doon, as well as learning by doing (observation, experimentation, and inquiry). 

Facilities & Features  

> Separate blocks for both boys and girls
>> Eligibility for students from Class 4 onward
>> Accommodation in 4-bedded & 6-bedded rooms
>> Pastoral care by matrons and resident tutors
>> Overall on-campus guardianship responsibilities 
>> House Mistresses and House Masters
>> 24×7 Security staff at residential blocks
>> CCTV based & security surveillance
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms

Why choose Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun  
  1. Shri Ram Centennial School includes expanding on the foundation of well-established educational ideas, while also embedding new skills and information. 
  2. At Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun SRCS’ boarding center ‘home away from home’ where they can feel healthy and secure right off the bat. Develop independent-minded, self-reliant students with the skills and maturity to succeed in college and beyond.  
  3. Each boarding home has an experienced Housemaster/Housemistress who is assisted by matrons and tutors to ensure the child’s comfort. They are there to provide care and personal attention and look after their specific needs.
  4. The primary vision of the school is to appear as a center of brilliance in the monarchy of education and to introduce the creative.  
  5. Offer an effective solution that meets the changing emotional, physical, and educational needs that motivate them in contributing to the development of the society and community. 
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Shri Ram Centennial School is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking for the best boarding schools in Uttarakhand.
To get more details about, Shri Ram Centennial School’s fees, amenities, and other details. Click here  



“Satluj Public School is a renowned institution with a rich 34-year tradition and has been recognized as a top emerging boarding school in India. Established in the year 1986 under the aegis of Satluj Public School Charitable Trust. It is a CBSE, Co-Ed school situated in Haryana and provides boarding facilities from Nursery to Class XII. The school offers a positive balance between academic, physical, social, and cultural opportunities, allowing each student to excel in every respect.


Satluj Public School, Ellenabad is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The boarding follows the CBSE curriculum for Classes IX to XII and uses NCERT books in various subjects. In classes VI-VII also, the school follows primarily NCERT books and guidelines. 

Curriculum –Primary, Middle, High & Senior Secondary Level Satluj Public School, Ellenabad is affiliated to CBSE with classes from Nursery to XII. 

Facilities & Features  

> Modern and smart classroom
>> Large Swimming Pool
>> Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs)
>> Well-stocked library
>> Learning management systems (LMS)
>> GPS and CCTV for transportation 
>> In premises CCTV based & Security surveillance
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms

Why choose Satluj Public School, Ellenabad? 
  1. Satluj Public School strives for excellence in all areas and prepares students for future challenges while upholding a core cultural value system in all of its students. 
  2. Satluj Public School places a high priority on excellence in education, education for life, and is committed to providing quality education to every child.
  3. The smart class modules are designed in a teacher-led format where the teachers integrate these elements with the day’s lesson plan, intervene, explain and yes, also use the chalk and blackboard as of before.
  4. SPS’ teacher becomes the group coordinator, initiating activities and nurturing students without worrying about exams or homework. Followed by multidirectional group workshop teaching methods.
  5. The emphasis is on developing oral and written expression, with progressive education techniques. Home assignments are not just a continuation of classwork but are intended to enhance individual abilities. 
  6. They focus on creating an atmosphere of kindness, respect, and freedom without fear. Not to condition kids to any particular religion, political, or social belief, let them explore the world and their inner selves. 
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Satluj Public School, Ellenabad is listed with us and is one of the most popular among parents who are looking for the best boarding schools in Haryana. Offer the best co-ed boarding school facilities in Haryana. 
To get more details about Satluj Public School fees, amenities, and other details. Click here  

The Daly College, Indore in Boarding Schools of India

Daly College is a co-educational residential and day boarding school in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. During India’s colonial British Raj, it was founded by Sir Henry Daly of the British Indian Army, and it was modeled after an English public school. The Residency School was established in 1870. In 1876, it was called East Rajkumar College, and in 1882, it became known as The Daly College.
Founded by the Resident Governor of the erstwhile Presidency to educate the children of the monarchy, nobility, and aristocracy of the ‘Marathas,’ ‘Rajputs,’ ‘Mohameddans,’ and ‘Bundelas’ of Central Indian Princely States. It is one of the world’s oldest co-educational residential institutions. 


Daly College is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and CIE. The boarding school also has a number of international affiliations and certifications, enabling it to provide international curricula to its students.  

Facilities & Features  

>> Craft Technology Design Center
>> Aesthetic facilities to promote fine Arts, Sculpture, Pottery, Woodcraft, Photography, Full-fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, BioTech, C++, WebTech, IP, Geography, Maths, and Language. 

>> Airconditioned auditorium, with a capacity to accommodate 1200 people  >>College Infirmary with a team of four Nurses and operative 24×7.
>>Tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool, volleyball courts, skating rink, 

Why choose  
  1. The Daly College is one of the reputed boarding schools that foster a democratic environment that encourages lifelong participation in the acquisition of knowledge and is supportive, innovative, and demanding of excellence, combining the best of cultural values with modernity. 
  2. Develop well, overall and independent thinking and confident individuals with leadership and communication skills who are socially, emotionally, and spiritually secure.
  3. Make global citizens with strong cultural and moral values. Who can be environmentally and socially conscious and have the ability and skill to constantly drive and benefit from the change.
  4. Round Square is the core of Internationalism. Students and teachers enormously benefit from such affiliation. With more than 150 students have participated in Model United Nations programs in the last two years in India and abroad. 
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To know the admission procedure of Daly College, or get more recommendations for top boarding schools in India, click here.  


The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Sanawar is regarded as the world’s first co-educational residential school. Sir Henry Lawrence and his wife Honoria created The Lawrence School – Sanawar in 1847 at a height of 1750 meters on 139 acres of highly forested terrain with pine, deodar, and other conifer trees. 


Sanawar is a CBSE-affiliated co-educational boarding school with students from all over the subcontinent. It creates an atmosphere that allows students to think critically and provides them with many opportunities to share their imagination and develop their skills. 

Facilities & Features  

>Outdoor & indoor game
>> AC Classrooms AV Classrooms
>> Medical Facilities and Medical Room
>> Smart classrooms
>> AC Hostels 
>> Transport Facility AC Buses
>> Smart Laboratories Facilities  

Why choose 

  1. To achieve excellence in the CBSE class XII Board results. 
  2. To provide a progressive teachers support system to the students for quality education. 
  3. To provide academic, cultural, social, moral, and psychological guidance support. 
  4. To provide diverse learning resources and supportive infrastructure in the form of hardware, software, laboratories, and other material. 
  5. To provide a maximum variety of academic choices for the students in consonance with the latest changes and developments around the world. 
  6. To achieve academic excellence through innovative and interactive methods of teaching and by having good staff.
  7. Break student stereotype: Develop beliefs through dialogue & experiences that Leadership can be developed, groomed, and mentored. 
  8. Build greater awareness of the social construct- poverty and social evils in the society and our responsibility towards them. 
  9. Develop self-induced recognition of the traits & characteristics of a great leader. Recognize that decisions make a leader. 
  10. Discuss the art of silent & passive leadership 
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To know the admission procedure of the Lawrence School, Sanawar, or get more recommendations for top boarding schools in India, Click here.   


Modern School Delhi

Modern School was established in the year 1920. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. The school covers an area of 25 acres. Constructed on the land donated by Lala Sultan Singh for a special cause. To fulfill the dreams of his father, Lala Raghubir Singh with his colleague Sardar Sobha Singh, a renowned constructor, started to construct this building. In the year 1920, the construction got completed and they got their first school building. Mrs. Kamla Bose from Calcutta was the first Principal of the school. 


Students are prepared for the All-India Secondary School Exams (Class X) and the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination at this school, which is associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (Class XII). 

The Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) and the National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC) are both members of the school (NPSC). Since 2007, the school has received the International School Award. 

Modern School Barakhamba Road is a Round Square International Conference Global Member. 

Facilities & Features  

>> Science Laboratories
>> Special Education Room
>> 4 Music Rooms
>> Dance Room
>> Sound Recording Studio
>> Basketball Courts
>> Swimming Pool (Olympics Size) 


  • – Paper Technology & Calligraphy Room 
  • – Robotics Room 
  • -Sculpture Room
    >> Infirmary 
Why choose Modern School, Delhi 
  1. The school develops the learning habits from childhood. Have two libraries- for Senior from classes 4th to 7th and for the Juniors from classes 1st to 3rd. 
  2. As the child enters the school, he/she allotted to the particular house which plays a very important role in the cultural and co-curricular activities. The school has an overall 15 houses which are further divided as Senior House, Middle House, and Junior House.
  3. The boarding school in Delhi provides world-class sports facilities like football grounds, basketball courts, cricket pitches, swimming pool, table tennis, karate, etc. As they believe that ‘An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his hearts and dreams in his mind.
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To know the admission procedure of the Modern School, Barakhamba, Delhi, or get more recommendations for top boarding schools in Delhi, Click here.   


We are not at the ending of this blog, we will be share more, hope you must have found the right Boarding school for your child.


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