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Board of education

Board of education comprises of directors, trustees and committees that run institutions, structure educational policies in a city, state, country, or province. It articulates school policies keeping in mind the requirements of students and keeps schools answerable for standard established by the board of education. It takes aim at assuring each student gets most excellent education.

Types of Board of education

  1. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  2. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC, CISCE-ICSE/ISC)
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB)
  4. Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International)
  5. State Boards

CBSE Board


CBSE is a board of education which works on national level for both private as well as public schools and is operated by Union Government of India. All the schools which are affiliated to CBSE are asked to follow NCERT curriculum only. It covers nearly 21,271 schools in India and 220 schools in foreign countries. It got reconstructed on 1st July 1962.
Regional offices of CBSE are located at Ajmer, Chennai, Allahabad, Chandigarh and Delhi. It affiliates private schools, and all Kendriya Vidyalayas and all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. It formulates policies and plans to certain the balance is maintained between academic and other enhancements activities.

Objectives of CBSE

  1. To issue certificates to successful candidates from affiliated schools.
  2. To revise and impose the courses of instructions for examinations.
  3. To recommend provisions of examinations to be held for class 10th and 12th.
  4. To advise and update the courses and guidelines for examinations.
  5. To comply with educational constraints of students coming from different backgrounds.


CBSE operates with the foresight of acclimatising innovative teaching methods to provide stress-free education inculcated with psychological and informative standards.


List of candidates (LOC) is required to be submitted by all the affiliated schools of CBSE after adequate checking and processing. Details like Aadhar card number, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, subjects opted and other various datils need to be filled during registration process.
Final examinations of class 10 and class 12 is conducted by CBSE in the month of march every year. Examination process starts with the filing of forms of registration in class 9th and class 11th. Last Submission of forms take place in the month of October.

Promotion Criteria

Promotion criteria is majorly based on two factors one is Attendance which should be not less than 75% for regular students. Another criterion is qualifying grade which should a minimum of ‘D’ in all academic subjects.

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Best Boarding School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education

Boarding schools


Boarding schools are the schools which provide dynamic educational atmosphere to its student. Unlike normal school it provides 24/7 guidance as its each activity is devoted towards evolution and development of the student. They are best combination of libraries, swimming pools, art buildings, sport courts which are well equipped to provide best facilities. They focus on providing quality education in conjunction with providing life skills like building strength, creativity, social awareness, and social confidence among scholars.

In current times, parents face huge challenge the face of disruptions predominantly from electronic gadgets and cell phones specifically where most of them are working. Boarding schools can hence be comparatively an uncomplicated and simple answer to all the questions. It is crucial to deliver an environment in which children and young people are engaged together, active and interested, is just one of many advantages of attending a boarding school.

Advantages of CBSE Boarding School

1. Best place to unravel capability.

The environment in the boarding school offers students to get exposed to multiple opportunities based on their interests and without many disturbances. It further helps them to evolve around the interest helping them to fulfil their career needs in the future.

2. Improved social awareness and social skills.

Added advantage of boarding school is development of social skills in students. India being a diverse country gets cluster of students both from different states and overseas.

3. Top class education

The education offered by boarding schools is extremely customised keeping in mind the competencies and needs of every student.

4. Advanced programs

Boarding schools have more affluent and advanced career options and faster advancement degrees in return to the investment in the curriculum.

Boarding schools are highly careful during admission of high standards teaching experts. They offer variety of pursuits in both curricular and extracurricular activities which helps in progress of all types of candidates. Customized education and civic approach to knowledge helps eliminating poor entertained and ignorant mentors and trainings.


    1. CBSE Board functions under complete supervision of the controlling authority which is entrusted with the Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). IAS Manoj Ahuja is newly appointed CBSE Chairman.
    2. Total number of candidates who registered for class 10th were 1889878 and for class 12th were 1206893. Among these students of class 10th 788195 were girls, 1101664 were boys and 19 were transgender. From class 12th total of 522819 were girls, 684068 were boys and 6 were transgender.

Why to go for CBSE Boarding school for your child?

1. Equal consideration

CBSE boarding schools have a limit on number of students enrolled which helps them to offer personalised attention in the classroom with different dorms. The school designates mentors to monitor curricular and co-curricular activities. The connection between student and teachers are firmer as mentors get involved in psychological, emotional, and social development.

2. Well versed personalities

People tend to mis conceptualise that CBSE boarding schools are purely focused on academics where students spend all their time doing homework and projects, which is not true. CBSE curriculum focuses on holistic approach which focuses on overall development of students. Students not only get support in their academics but also other activities relating to sports, arts, and culture.

3. Self-regulation and self- dependence

CBSE pattern helps to gain and widen essential life skills that they find useful not only in the classroom but also in their future. While staying in boarding school students learn Discipline which is most important asset in their lifestyle. They learn how to live independently and fulfil individual needs and how to find answers to problems. They follow well-structured routine which in return helps them to build a healthy and stable lifestyle.

List of CBSE Boarding Schools:

1. Tulas International School

Tula’s International School Embracing the principle of Modern Gurukul, Tula’s International is a Co-Ed Residential School with a fantastic example of a great convergence of the old Gurukul model with a modern approach aimed at the creation of mind, soul, and body.

Address: Dehradun
Type of school: Fully Residential Co-Ed
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 2012


Mody School is an English medium boarding school primarily for girls from Classes III to XII aligned to CBSE, New Delhi. It also provides grades III to VIII of the IB Diploma Program affiliated with IB Geneva, Switzerland for Classes XI & XII and CIE, the International Assessment Commission.

Address: Rajasthan
Type of school: Girls Boarding school
School board: CBSE & IBDP
Establishment year: 1989

3. Holy Writ High School & Junior College

Holy Writ School offers a forum to build critical thought skills for high school students, to be able to protect themselves against any situations and to give them a better learning experience. They strive to give their students the best they deserve, with diverse learning strategies, sensitive instruction, and consideration.

Address: Maharashtra
Type of school:  Co-Ed School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 2008

4. Ecole Globale International Girls School

Among the school systems in Dehradun, Ecole Globale has the latest smart classroom technologies and the finest residential campus accommodations. The girls here are prepped to learn the art of throwing a cool house party and promotion. They claim that the convergence of diverse cultures and identities is here and is part of the special mix of mature girls from all over the world.

Address: Dehradun
Type of school:  Girls School
School board:  CBSE CAIE
Establishment year: 2012

5. Satluj Public School

Satluj Public School is a wonderful location where outstanding academic and extracurricular coaching is offered to students. All pupils are treated fairly and respectfully. The teachers and the office workers have a good aura coming from it. All courses and extended programs are extremely well performed.

Address: Ellenabad, Haryana
Type of school : Co-Ed Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1986

6. Ganga International School

Their boarding school provides your child with all the basics while ensuring that your child gets enough time to grow entirely without getting any social pressure to do the highest. Their counsellors are very progressive about keeping your child autonomous & mature in order to address any dilemma.

Address: Delhi
Type of school: Co-Ed Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1989

7. Shri Ram Centennial School

Shri Ram Centennial School (SRCS) Indore has become one of the top CBSE schools in Indore and Madhya Pradesh as a whole, and SRCS provides thrilling and demanding work opportunities. With dynamic, imaginative, and inventive educators, we are looking forward to expanding our team. Please fill in this form to join our vibrant community.

Address: Indore
Type of school: Co-Ed Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 2013

8. Vedaant Vidhyakulum School

The Culture given at Vedaant Vidhyakulum allows a child to gain all such capabilities smoothly with the aid of continuous involvement in a vast range of activities. In addition, with the Vedaant Vidhyakulum weekly boarding environment, children are challenged to improve their interpersonal skills and handle their lives.

Address: Indore
Type of school: Co-Ed Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1999

9. The Lawrence School

The Lawrence School is a state approved child care facility run locally that services children between the ages 6 weeks-12 years. For the 2020- 2021 academic year for 4K, they are a partnership platform for the Waukesha School District.

Address: Sanawar
Type of school: Co-Ed Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1847

10. New ERA High School

It is situated in an urban city. It is situated in the VADODARA Company block of the Gujrat district of VADODARA. The school is made up of grades 1st to 8th.   The school is co-educational and does not have a pre-primary category associated.

Address: Panchgani
Type of school: Co-Ed School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1945

11. The Scindia School

It is located in the ancient fort of Gwalior, in the city of Gwalior. Primarily, it was started predominantly for rulers and princes of royal families, particularly the Marathas, although class discrimination is no longer discriminatory. The school reported 606 students in 2010, with a 1:12 Faculty-pupil  ratio.

Address: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
Type of school:  Boys Boarding school
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1897

12. Welham Boys School

The school sits between the hills and waterways of the Doon Valley, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas over an area of 30 acres. The school is attended by students from diverse cultures and from many different areas of the sub-continent and beyond.

Address: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Type of school: Boys Boarding school
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1937

13. Genesis Global School

Genesis Global School Noida is an affiliate of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) (CIE). The academy, with classes from Pre-nursery to XII, is a Coed Day Cum Boarding School. It is a medium-sized English academy.

Address: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Type of school: Co-Ed Day cum Boarding School
School board: IB, CBSE
Establishment year:  2009

14. Mayo College

MAYO COLLEGE In Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, Mayo College is a residential public school for boys. Richard Bourke, the 6th Earl of Mayo, who was also the Viceroy of India from 1869 to 1872, created it in 1875. The school is one of India’s oldest public boarding schools.

Address: Ajmer, Rajasthan
Type of school: Boys Boarding school
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 1875

15. Jayshree Periwal High School

Jayshree Periwal International School has been awarded career counseling and college placements as the No.1 School in the World! It’s a wonderful moment for the school to be remembered worldwide and a true testimony to our efforts to make the aspirations of our children a possibility.

Address: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Type of school: Co-Ed Day cum Boarding School
School board: CBSE
Establishment year: 2002

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