Different Education Boards in India and How to Choose the Right One

which education board is best in India

Know about different education board in India. Get tips to find the best boarding schools in India, for recommendations visit boarding schools of India website.

There are many situations in which parents seek suggestions and recommendations about finding the best education board for their child, one that can help them achieve academic success and develop growth skills.

Being a parent, you too have many questions when choosing a suitable boarding school for your child. Among many factors, such as an affordable fee structure, modern amenities, and smart learning technologies.

However, choosing the right education board is also one of the significant concerns that you might have as a parent. As a parent today, you are not only confused about what school to choose for your kid, but also which board to choose – CBSE, IB, or ICSE.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection present already in man.” _ Swami Vivekanand

In light of the increasing number of educational boards, it is natural for parents to be confused about what is best for their children. Before recommending any board, it is important to consider the type of education we want to provide for our children as parents doing so and their prospects.

To do this, you need to have a sound understanding of all the aspects of top education boards in India, and there are several. To help them, we have made a thorough analysis of the learning approach and evaluation criteria, followed by the different school boards.

Providing information about the examinations, assessment criteria, and curriculum followed by different boards in the country.

Here in this blog, we bring quick insights to educate you about all the top education boards, ranking them based on their popularity, global acceptance, schools’ listings.   


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What are the top Education Boards in India?

Many education boards in India are recognized by a global education fraternity. However, there are four primary education boards in India considered to be the most common and most accepted boards by parents in India.

Below you will find details about different boards, like curriculum, syllabus, focuses, promotion, subjects, etc.


Top Education Boards

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The CBSE was founded in 1962 to serve as a common platform and standard for all students in the country. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most popular education boards in India. It is controlled and managed by the Union Government of India.


CBSE Curriculum

If you look at the syllabus of CBSE, it does not provide exact content in terms of syllabus but suggests some common components be followed as given in NCF-2005 and guidelines issued by NCERT

CBSE Affiliations

CBSE has affiliated with all top boarding schools in India, the board also has a global presence with 150 CBSE affiliated schools across 21 countries. CBSE education board affiliates many top boarding schools in India, including the best co-ed boarding schools in Bengaluru, boarding schools for girls in Rajasthan, etc.


Why choose CBSE Affiliated boarding schools?

  1. Skill based learning and innovative teaching methods
  2. Global recognition of courses and evaluation practices
  3. A well-structured syllabus accepted by many private boarding schools
  4. Primary focus on the competitive exam such as JEE, AIPMT, etc.
  5. Academic and administrative support out of India


ICSE Education Board

Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) was established in 1958. ICSE education boards affiliate most top boarding schools of India, providing high-quality education to students through a progressive learning approach in residential schools. While encouraging students to choose across diverse streams/subjects for Class 12 by giving equal importance to science, arts, and language subjects, etc.


ICSE Curriculum

The curriculum of ICSE board affiliated boarding schools follows a spiral approach, introducing the basic facts of the subjects before going into more detail. Basics are repeated repeatedly to ensure that they are ingrained in the student’s long-term memory.

ICSC Affiliations

ICSC requires all boarding schools of India to have properly constituted governing bodies and management committees. A boarding school affiliated with the Central Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) or the ICSE board is required to run an ICSE school in India.

Why choose ICSE Affiliated Boarding Schools?

  1. Extensive curriculum and syllabus
  2. Qualified and trained staff and teachers as per the council standards
  3. Efficient and adequate learning methods and smart learning
  4. Value learning through experience and experiments
  5. A well-rounded academic to have more opportunities to explore


International Baccalaureate (IB)

An internationally recognized high school diploma program for critical and independent thought.

International Baccalaureate is a no-profit educational organization that offers prime quality programs for children aged between 3 and 19. The IB schools are considered prestigious and expensive. While the board is available in 144 countries, with about 5000 schools worldwide.


IB Curriculum

With IB programs, students can choose from a broad range of academic studies and learning experiences. Methods that promote conceptual learning by promoting powerful organizing ideas that are relevant to all subject areas, as well as integrating learning and adding coherence to the curriculum.


IB Affiliations

Over 5000 schools are affiliated with the IB board worldwide, delivering IB programs, with a massive global community of educators around. Many top boarding schools in India are affiliated with the IB board.


Why choose IB Affiliated Boarding Schools?

  1. High acceptance rate for students in global universities
  2. To enhance critical and complex problem-solving skills in children
  3. creative learning for a holistic growth with focusing CAS and TOK methods
  4. Broader spectrum of subjects and, liberty to choosing the preferred subjects
  5. For holistic education, incorporating languages, humanities, maths, sciences


Cambridge Board

Cambridge board is a term used for the curriculum designed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Cambridge board is a globally recognized curriculum. Many top residential schools in India are now affiliated with the Cambridge International curriculum. It conducts IGCSE and AS & A level exams, supported by a Cambridge international division of Cambridge University, providing academic success for students for many years.


Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge board, which is aligned with UK education standards (GCSEs, A-levels, & AS levels), is known for its rigorous assessment process. Cambridge’s international curriculum sets a global standard for education. The curriculum starts from Primary, Lower Secondary, and Upper Secondary to Advanced.


Cambridge Affiliations

Cambridge board curriculum is accepted by top universities and companies worldwide. With Cambridge’s international curriculum, students in more than 160 countries are challenged and inspired. Over 10,000 schools worldwide have adopted Cambridge’s curriculum.


Why choose Cambridge Affiliated Boarding Schools?

  • >> Develop a curiosity and be passionate about learning
  •  >> Focus on practical learning approaches,
  • >> To learn skills such as creative thinking and problem solving
  • >> Prepare students for real-life challenges
  • >> Making use of knowledge and understanding in both familiar and new situations


Choosing the right education board

The Indian boarding education system has witnessed many changes over the past few years. Many top boarding schools of India, regardless of their location can adopt the international curriculum to provide tech-savvy and progressive education.
However, every board has different teaching methods, learning programs, curriculum requirements, assessment criteria, and procedures. Also, they may conduct tests that contribute to the overall development of students.
The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed overview of four of the most prominent education boards in India. Following the tips on choosing the right education boards to enable you to compare their features and benefits to decide which one is right for you.
This article will give you an overview of the curriculum and benefits of choosing different school boards in India.


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