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Cambridge Board in Boarding Schools of India
India is proud of the diversified rich culture throughout the country. Similarly, boarding schools are also spread all over country in every state with different Board of Education. Decisions to choose the residential school is taken based on the requirement of the parents and the students. The top most parameters or requirement can be –

  • The Board of education
  • Location
  • School type
  • Facilities provided by the school
  • Budget, etc.

If we look around the country, some parents want their child to go abroad to pursue their graduation and career. Some parents have transferable jobs and are migrating from one location to another. Some are located in India and few outside of India. For such parents it is important to know various boards. Here, we have summarized detail about the Cambridge curriculum, what are the features and benefits to study under Cambridge Board.

Let’s understand what is Cambridge?

Cambridge Assessment International Education is also called Cambridge International / CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). This board provides international education and offering qualification to approx. 10,000 schools all over the world. All the schools come as a part of the University of Cambridge.

It was found in 1858. Cambridge Assessment offers university entrance exams such as Cambridge International General Certificate of Education. It also provides examinations for primary and secondary schools, internationally.

Cambridge International curriculum is recognized around the world. Cambridge is recognized by all UK universities and the United States. They perform certain kinds of partnership with the government of 25 countries and has well-developed teachers. There are more than 10,000 schools in 160 countries affiliated to the Cambridge Board of Education.

What are the benefits of Cambridge Education?

1. International Curriculum Assessment 

Cambridge the curriculum is a global standard of education, it is quite flexible, inspiring, and challenging. Students getting an education from this board becomes more passionate and curious about learning and developing their minds.

Students will have no problem with education while moving from one country to another country. This will help to get more knowledge working towards higher thinking skills. There are 70 subjects offered at Cambridge IGCSE and O Level, whereas there are 55 subjects offered at Cambridge International AS and A-Level.

2. Learning and Teaching environment

The level of teachers available at Cambridge board is confident, innovative, responsible, and reflective towards delivering the knowledge to the students. The impact of having highly qualified teachers makes a student build better experience and plan according to the next steps. This will also help to become more confident, and innovative. There are over 1000 training events scheduled worldwide offering the professional qualification.

3. Worldwide recognition

The Cambridge qualification is highly reputed across the world and it has a real value in the field of education and employment. The university and employers recognize the act as a piece of evidence as Cambridge is accepted by several reputed universities including the countries like Canada, South Africa, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands.

4. Global community platform

The Cambridge curriculum is a part of the Global Community. The team actively supports the school, institute, teachers to achieve higher results and the qualification remains recognized, relevant, and respected.

There are various learning communities available all over the world where teachers can share their views, information, and resources. Cambridge has also created a common platform where parents and students can share their views, ideas, and experiences.

The curriculum of the Cambridge Board are as follows:

  • Primary Curriculum
  • Secondary Curriculum
  • Cambridge IGCSE
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level

Here comes the detailed description of each curriculum so that it should be understood by everyone.

1. Primary Curriculum

Cambridge provides the primary curriculum for the core subjects like English, Science, and Mathematics. German and Spanish are taught from year 4. There are the Cambridge Progression Tests schedules for the subjects like English and Mathematics.

Teachers teaching the Cambridge curriculum often arrange investigations, interactive, hands-on projects, informal discussions, and various types of games. There were various assessments such as quizzes, tests, spelling tests, and writing tasks. Teachers take help of a range of resource that aim to inspire the students and that takes up to the interest level.

2. Secondary Curriculum

Secondary curriculum offer qualification like IGCSE and A- levels. This comes under the age of 7-13 years of age. Students which are in stage 3 starts following the Cambridge curriculum in the context of international standards.

The secondary curriculum provides educational qualification from both the Slovak National Education System and the UK IGCSE, AS/A Level qualification. Due to this, several students are getting placed in Topmost Universities.

3. Cambridge IGCSE

This is a two-year program where examinations are conducted by the University of Cambridge. The student taking an IGCSE subject will be recognized globally. This qualification has their standard and development for an ideal foundation.

4.Cambridge International AS & A Level

There are two levels, the first is A Level-it stands for Advanced Level, and the second is AS Level- it stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level. A-Level Examinations are been taken after 13 years. This is normally a 2-year program for the classes XI-XII students.

These are the topmost Cambridge affiliate Boarding Schools in India

1. Unison World School, Dehradun

Unison World School offers boarding school from Class V onward offering high-quality education to the girl child. The school provides world-class facilities with an international curriculum. It is located in Dehradun, one of the attractive and beautiful locations in the country. For admission, the student has to go through the General Aptitude Test (GAT).

2. N.H. Goel World School, Raipur

The school provides high-quality education with the overall development. The school was set up by a charitable trust with a great management team. The facilities provided by the school include dining, internet access, and health services.

The school offers several activities like cultural activities, club activities, social responsibilities, academics, and events. There are various types of programs conducted like Early & Junior Programmes, Middle Programmes, and Senior Programmes.

3. Vidsan Charterhouse, Delhi NCR

It is an international Boarding cum Day school that welcomes every type of student no matter what the communities, nationalities, cultures, and enrichment are, the teacher focuses on the overall development of the child.

It is affiliated to CAIE and IB curriculum maintaining an international standard of academic excellence. Vidsan involves various curricular activities like a media center, digital library, robotics, and aeromodelling.

4. Genesis Global School, Noida

Genesis Global has a separate academic block, multipurpose hall, central dining hall, basketball court, and tennis court at EPDM Area. It is affiliated with IB, CAIE, and CBSE Board of Education. The school offers several activities like design and technology, robotics, model united nation, astronomy, publication, clubs, and community services. The hostel is beautifully designed, well-appointed, and air-conditioned. The school has a separate fun zone conducted at the residence and it also has separate activities for music, rangoli, extempore, skating, and painting.

5. Laxmi Global School Gujarat

Laxmi Global School has an excellent infrastructure and teaching facilities where teachers are paying equal attention to each student in a classroom. Good results are not the sole factor to be considered. There are sports facilities, infrastructure, extracurricular activities that are offered to the student inside the campus.