Cambridge Boarding Schools in India

Cambridge IGCSE

Wherever your children want to be, help them get there with Cambridge IGCSE.

Cambridge International offers a global standard curriculum that is recognized around the world and is accepted by all universities in the UK and United States.
This board provides international education and offers qualifications to approx. 10,000 schools all over the world.


Four Elements that Define the Cambridge Education

International Curriculum

The international curriculum is regularly updated through experienced international school research and dialogue with schools.

Teaching & Learning

Teachers are required to help their students to become confident, engaged, and independent learners through teaching and learning.


Assessment in the Cambridge International Curriculum is fair, valid, and reliable.

Global recognition

Cambridge qualifications are globally recognized by top higher education institutions all over the world.

The Cambridge Impact And Facts

  • Cambridge Primary (5 to 11 years old)

  • Every year, nearly a million Cambridge students prepare for their future with a Cambridge International education.

  • The world’s leading provider of international education programmes and diplomas for children aged 5 to 19.

  • Cambridge Advanced (16 to 19 years old)

  • The Cambridge Curriculum consists of four stages and gives students a clear path for educational success from age 5 to 19.

Impact & Facts

The Cambridge Pathway

The Cambridge Pathway from age 5 to 19 lays out a clear path for students to succeed on their educational journey. The Cambridge Pathway’s four levels seamlessly transition from primary to secondary and pre-university years. Each stage builds on the previous step’s development of the learners but can also be delivered separately. This adaptability implies that students can get on and off at any time.

The Curriculum of the Cambridge Board is as follows

  • Cambridge Primary (5 to 11 years old)

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary (11 to 14 years old)

  • Cambridge Upper Secondary (14 to 16 years old)

  • The first Cambridge international exams took in 1864, in Trinidad with six applicants.

Cambridge International A & AS Level

  • The Curriculum also has two level for higher secondary education: A Level & AS Level

  • A Level- stands for Advanced Level, and AS Level- stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level

  • A-Level Examinations are being taken after 13 years – This is normally a 2-year program for the classes XI-XII students.

  • Cambridge curriculum & assessments is of global standard of education

  • Flexible, inspiring, and challenging learning for a better future

  • Students become more passionate and curious about learning and developing their minds

  • Global community platform to connect successful alumni

  • Qualifications acceptance at various reputed universities

  • Qualification remains recognized, relevant, and respected.

  • Innovative, responsible, and reflective teaching methods

  • A common forum for parents and students to exchange their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Combridge Benefits

JAIN International Residential School, Bangalore

Established : 1999
School :  Co-Ed


Sharanya Narayani International School

Sharanya Narayani International School, Bengaluru

Established : 2014
School :  Co-Ed

Affiliation :  IGCSE/IB/Cambridge


Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School

Established : 2017
School :  Co-Ed

Affiliation :  Cambridge (IGCSE)

Ebenezer International School

Ebenezer International School,

Established : 2006
School :  Co-Ed

Affiliation :  IB/Cambridge

What is Cambridge ?

The Cambridge International Curriculum was introduced by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a globally recognized provider of international qualifications it was found in 1858.. All the schools come as a part of the University of Cambridge. is recognized around the world by all UK universities and the United States. It offers university entrance exams, such as Cambridge International General Certificate of Education for primary and secondary schools internationally. There are more than 10,000 schools in 160 countries affiliated to the Cambridge Board of Education with well-developed teaching techniques.

What is the Cambridge board syllabus or the IGCSE curriculum ?

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is an international curriculum that offers many options for learners with a wide range of abilities to adapt. This includes those whose first language is not English. The curriculum helps schools build a program around their specific needs. Starting from a foundation of core subjects, it is easy to add depth through cross-curricular perspectives.

What subjects are covered in the Cambridge curriculum ?

The Cambridge Primary program develops skills and understanding in ten subjects, including English, mathematics, and science, and includes assessment that proves and improves learning.

For Cambridge Lower Secondary, students are taught core subjects such as English as a first or second language, mathematics, science, Cambridge Global Perspectives, and ICT Starters. Students can also dabble in newly added subjects – Art & Design, Digital Literacy, Music, and Physical Education.

The presence of the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in India ?

Cambridge International has a presence in India and prepares school students for life by helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Cambridge International is part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. Their boarding school and international qualifications are recognized by the world’s most prestigious universities and employers, giving students an advantage.

Why do parents choose the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum ?

Parents love the IGCSE board curriculum for many reasons. The biggest could be its internationally standard curriculum and opportunities for its students. Other reasons may include its focus on children’s creative and comprehensive academic growth with the right mixture of co-curricular activities.