Day Boarding School and Residential School

Difference Between Day Boarding School and Residential School in Boarding Schools of India

If we verbalize about education in India, it is commenced under the supervision of a Guru. India has been the hub of education for centuries with a good educational network and western curriculum predicated in the english language. The school is a pioneer in introducing the concept of Boarding schools, Day Boarding schools, Day schools, Government Schools, and Day Cum Boarding schools.

Difference Between Day Boarding School and Residential School in Boarding Schools of India

When we verbalize about Boarding schools and Day Boarding schools, there are many distinctions between them.

So, this blog will avail the best schools and will assure the parents to make a wise decision for their child. As to which school is the best- Day Boarding School or Residential school ? Below are a few points regarding basic differences of both the types of schools found in India:

Day Boarding Schools

You can find plenty of Day Boarding Schools in India. This is boon for families where both the parents are working and might not have enough time to devote their children. Day Boarding schools are available in those states/cities where a maximum member of the family is employed or everyone is earning & working. For those student’s Day Boarding schools avail a lot. Students can stay in schools till evening at 6 pm.

These schools give freedom to the parents to meet their child daily after returning from the office and children can stay with parents at night. Parents are palliated and live life without any pressure. Withal, many schools are taking care of students regarding studies. This engenders a balance between a child and parents. Parents can live their professional lives very well and the child can live his academic life well.

Residential Schools

The conception of residential schools has always been considered as an option for the opulent and for those who are capable to send their child in boarding schools. Some parents are very concerned about the future and professional life of the child. This moment plays a very crucial stage for the child as that will engender a link to his vocation.

In recent times residential schools have optically discerned an incrementation in admissions and vigilance with more working couples preferring to send their kids to boarding schools. Parents can meet children over weekends. The communication systems are available in boarding schools that sanctions students to verbalize with their parents on a customary substructure but there is some protocol that no cell phones/mobiles are sanctioned to carry with them.

Differences Between Day Boarding School and Boarding School

  • Engender good solution for working parents

As it is mentioned above that boarding schools are boon for parents who are working late hours and might not have ample time to devote to little ones. When we talk about day boarding schools, many things are too be taken care of by the parents like class homework and daily updates of school activities.

In boarding schools, things like homework and class activities are being taken care of and guided by the teachers, house tutor, and hostel faculty.

  • Paying equal attention to every child

It becomes very arduous for teachers to pay equal attention to each student in a Day boarding school. The reason is because of the circumscription of time where edifiers are available until school hours. But they equipollently monitor the overall development of the students.

The process of monitoring in boarding schools is different from day boarding because teachers available in boarding schools stays with them, pays attention and avail students in studies. This can withal be visualized by the size of class where each class contains 30-40 students approximately. So, fixating on each student is scarcely different in both the terms.

  • Independence in life

This concept is same for all the students whether he is in day boarding or residential school. With day boarding schools, children learn the concept of independence and liberation quite tardy in their lives because of a sheltered upbringing directly under their parents. These concepts are a component of the student’s life in the boarding schools as they are edified to take care of their quotidian needs and themselves in a way, they will never get to learn in day boarding schools.

Even qualities like leadership and personality development are edified in a way that it becomes a component of the student’s life. Facilities like air conditioning and study tables to ascertain a comfortable and incentivized stay for the students during the time they live in the hostels.

  • Schools timings

Day Boarding offer facilities to provide a wholesome curriculum for children by keeping them in schools for longer hours and so timings emanate from 8 am to 6 pm. They provide mess facilities, lunch, salubrious snacks, nutritious aliment and engage students in recreational and ingenious activities. Boarding school timings are from 8 am to 3 pm. When school hours get over, the students engage in sports, games, snacks following evening study and homework.

Here are some best Day Boarding Schools with consummate details, facilities so that you can make a better decision for your child.
  • Bal Vikas Public Day Boarding School

The school was established in the year 1986 by a group of devoted educationists and philanthropists. It is an oldest and unique school located in West Delhi and provides Day Boarding Facilities from Class Nursery to VIII. They organize activities like physical edification, games, and sports. Students are trained by coaches in Cricket, Hockey, Kho-Kho, and Kabaddi. Medical check-ups are provided to the students with the first avail. The school follows the daily routine like:

Hygienic Breakfast -10.30 am

Lunch-1 pm following with games or rest for students

Study Hours- 2-4 pm

Refreshment- 4 pm

Transport facilities are available in the evening time. At last, students are left with no homework, no tuition, and no extra studies

  • Delhi Public School, Saharanpur

DPS is a Co-Educational Institution affiliated by CBSE, provides Day Boarding facilities from Class I -Class VIII. The school has maintained the opportune schedule which has to be followed for Day Boarders. The studies hours starts from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm followed by lunch from 1.30 pm to 2.10 pm. After lunch, students have to go for studies form 2.15 pm to 3.45 pm.

There are several sports training provided like cricket, basketball, skating, swimming and martial arts that are scheduled according to week sapient. Timings allotted emanates from 3.45 pm to 5.15 pm. Evening snacks and drinks are provided between 5.15 pm to 5.35 pm and at last, students are sanctioned to leave the campus at 5.40 pm.

  • JBM Global School, Noida

JBM Global School was established in 2008, affiliated to CBSE and Cambridge International Examination.  It provides Day Boarding facility with nutritious and appetizing repasts, supervised study, playtime, smacking snacks, conventional medical check-up, well connected secure and air-conditioned convey in Delhi with CCTV & GPRS Bus Tracking System. The school involves students of class V-XII in project-based learning, online assignments, peer education and extra coaching for higher classes. The school provides scholastic assistance to the students during elongated hours till 4.45 pm.

Here are some best Boarding Schools with consummate details, facilities so that you can make a better decision for your child.

RPS Residential School is affiliated to CBSE, located in Danapur, Bihar. The school is spread over astronomical and open area pollution free scenic circumventions and has imposing well-furnished buildings.

Admission in this school is predicated on the performance of the candidate at the written test followed by an Interview, they are placed in the merit-list and admitted as per subsisting vacancy in a class. It has separate Hostel for girls and boys with felicitous mess facility, medical facilities with experienced, qualified Medico Yoga facilities and 24 X 7 Security System.

Dr. Maria Residential Public School is a Co-Ed Institutions, affiliated to CBSE. It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The school performs physical activities like cricket, hockey, basketball and many more are played at school and scholastic trips are withal integrated into a curriculum. There is an immensely colossal swimming pool on the campus that is taught under the trained instructor.The hostel is under the control of chief warden, house mistresses.

The mundane room is equipped with T.V., radio and other reconstituting facilities. For Boarders, separate mess counters are allotted where they can have milk, victuals, fruits, butter, fresh vegetables and no non-vegetarian are provided. The students admitting in the schools will be medically examined at the time of admission and entrance examination by a qualified doctor. Conventional check-up of the weights and heights are done. Parents living at nearby schools are allowed to meet on the second Sunday of every month between 10 am -6 pm.

The school is the co-scholastic residential school from class I to XII that is located Ayarpatta Hill, Nainital, Uttarakhand. It was founded in the year 1983, the school has a fine distinction of being rated among the top boarding schools of India. With an accentuation on the overall development of mind and body, Amtul’s provides ample activities in all fields like Hockey, Cricket, Golf, Basketball, Football, and Table Tennis.

The school has a well-equipped gymnasium, a skating rink, and Billiards room and it is situated in the hills where students can additionally learn mountaineering. Besides sports, students take part in debates, plays, and other co-curricular activities.  A very homely and amicable atmosphere subsists in the hostel. They feel very much component of one family, which plays together, victuals together and laughs together.  Amtul’s is housed in a heritage building.

The dormitories are spacious, comfortable and special nursing care is provided. The victuals provided in the dining hall are wholesome and alimenting.  A staff member is on the obligation to ascertain that children victual their fill. Special attention is given to the victualing habits of the children and their table manners. The school ascertains that all denizen students are in the best of health and additionally employs full-time nurses with modern medical equipment.


This is the complete differences between Day Boarding School and Boarding school with an example regarding features, facilities, and curriculum. Hope you will not face any difficulty to make the decision for your child.

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