20 Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE – Fees, Reviews & More

Sending children to a Boarding School is one of the biggest and painful decision that parents take to give their children a brighter future.

But their are various advantages of studying in a boarding School special one that follow CBSE board. The children learn to face problems alone, they become independent, get to socialize with their peers and focus the major is on studies.

We can consider boarding school as a second home for the children and it is important that their second home is one of the best places to be and therefore, here we have a list top 20 boarding school in the country.

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1. The Scindia School

With a vision of building future leaders for the world, the school was established in 1897 by HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I. The school is known for its curiosity towards different fields. The school is ranked the 2nd best school in India.

  • The school is affiliated to CBSE board and medium of instruction is English.
  • Different grading system for different classes is followed by the school.
  • The school has a variety of subjects like Psychology, History, IT, Languages, etc to enhance student’s learning, and the learning is more based on experiences and exposure.
  • Facilities Offered By The Scindia School:

    In the 100 acres campus, there are 14 full-fledged playing fields and the sport activities here are Football, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Skating, Archery, Shooting and Swimming, etc.

    Co-curricular activities here are considered to be important for self-discovery and that is why the school has various clubs and societies highlighting aero-modeling, paper Mache, the brass band, and Business Bee club, etc.

    The school also motivates the student to work for a non-governmental organization to give back to the society.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 21,500
  • Admission Fee:- 4,50,000
  • Annual Fee:- 7,50,000

  • 2. Welham Boys’ School

    Another residential school for boys, in Dehradun which is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Board. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas in an area of more than 30 acres, the school is near the rivers of the Doon valley. The diversity among the students is likely to be seen.

  • The structure of the school is three leveled, which includes Junior School (classes IV-VI), Middle School (classes VII-IX), and Senior School (classes X-XII).
  • The three streams after class X are Science, Commerce, and Humanities.
  • Project-based, activity-oriented and content-centric teaching is the prime focus of Middle School level. Cross-curriculum understanding through theme-based teaching is highly recommendable.
  • Facilities Offered by Welham Boys’ School:

    School has two synthetic tennis courts, a 25-meter swimming pool and three cricket pitches, three squash courts, 2 indoor existing badminton courts, and 2 outdoor courts.

    The school also encourages Athletics, Gymnastics, and Yoga. Other than that a vast range of clubs and societies have been introduced here mainly ranging from Creative Writing, Electronics, Cookery, Design Technology, Kite Making and Flying, Calligraphy, Pottery, Aero Modelling, Chess Club and the Dance Club.

    A 20 beds hospital, an isolation ward, and a minor O.T. a full-time Resident Doctor, a trained nurse, and a compounder are all part of medical facilities available at the school.

    3. Mayo College

    Mayo College is a boys’ residential public school in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It was founded in 1875 by Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo, the school is one of the oldest public boarding schools of India.
    Among the better-known boarding schools in the world, Mayo College also stands and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education – India.

  • The medium of instruction is English but the college also emphasizes to use Hindi.
  • The subjects taught here are: English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, French, Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Fine Arts and more.
  • The Academic Year is divided into TWO Terms:
    AUTUMN TERM – From Middle of July to Early December CHANGE.
    SPRING TERM – From Middle of January to End of April / Beginning of May
  • Facilities Offered by Mayo College:

    In order to encourage the hobbies of the students as well as let students explore different skills the school trains students in Leatherwork, Metalwork, Music, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Wood Work, Clay Modelling, Stone, Library Science and Automobile Engineering.

    Social, Literary and Cultural development is encouraged through different societies like English Debating Society, Geographical Society, Hindi Debating Society, Hindi Literary Society, Lalit Kala parishad, Museum Society, etc.

    Mayo College has a unique sports infrastructure for students to try their hands on different areas- A 9 hole Golf Course, A Polo ground, Stables housing 50 horses for Horse-riding, Polo and Equestrian, 400m Athletic Track and 110m Obstacle Race (Hurdle) Track, 2 Swimming Pools, well-equipped Gymnasium, well-equipped 10m Air Rifle Shooting Range, 2 Cricket fields and more.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 16,500
  • Admission Fee:- 82,500
  • Annual Fee:- 9,25,000

  • 4. The Lawrence School

    The Lawrence School is in the lap of our beautiful Mother Earth and is a known institution in Ooty. The motto of the school is to nurture the students and staff in a healthy and caring environment.

  • English, Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, and Library are in the curriculum for students.
  • Facilities Offered by The Lawrence School:

    The Infrastructure of the school comprises of Cafeteria, Laboratories, Well-equipped library,
    Dining hall, Medical center, Synthetic courts, Swimming pools, Hockey field, Weight training rooms, Indoor badminton courts.

    The sports and co-curricular activities in the school include Football, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Billiards and snooker, Shuttle badminton, 400m athletic track, Lawn tennis, Cross country, Horse riding field, Squash, Indoor stadium.

    Fees Structure:
  • Admission Fee:- 50,000
  • Annual Fee:- 7,50,000

  • 5.Kasiga School

    Kasiga School, being established in 2007 has consistently delivered high academic result and is affiliated to both CBSE and IGCSE.

    Kasigans are taught to be independent in their learning and approach towards life. The aim of the school is to build an attitude of maturation, confidence in young adults, who have both self-motivation and are socially responsible.


    The school has a broad curriculum, based on the guidelines of NCERT. The curriculum for the Junior and Middle School, have a vast variety of language, science, commerce, humanities, etc.

    Facilities Offered by Kasiga School:

    The classrooms in the school are equipped with smart boards and student-friendly furniture. The entire campus has Wi-Fi enabled.

    Dorms has beautifully designed study tables and pin-up boards to encourge self-study and healthy reading habits in students. Each student has a window next to the bed.

    The school motivates the students to take up music, arts, and theatrics. Plus, the school also offers a vast sports infrastructure as well.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 15,000
  • Admission Fee:- 1,00,000
  • Annual Fee:- 6,60,000 (Approx)
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    6. SelaQui International Boarding School

    This is a co-ed residential school which is located in the village of SelaQui and the school is affiliated to CBSE and is open to boys as well as girls from class V.

    The school was founded in October 2000, is one of the best boarding schools in Dehradun, India, it owes its vision to Mr. Om Pathak, an ex-Indian Administrative Service officer and the school is managed by Gurukul Trust, a non-profit charitable organization based in Delhi.

  • Humanities, Science and Commerce are the preferences for 11th- 12th classes.
  • Facilities Offered by SelaQui International Boarding School:

    400m running track, five International Level Tennis Courts, two Basketball Courts, two Football Fields, a full-size Swimming Pool, a Shooting Range, four Table Tennis tables, two Badminton Courts, an area for Yoga exercises, a multi-station gym and specified areas for indoor sports.

    Adventure sports like River Rafting, Trekking and Mountaineering are also in the sports curriculum, hence, delivering exceptional chances to excel in sports.

    Different clubs like Music clubs, Editorial Clubs, Art clubs are also a highlight of the school.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 7,500
  • Admission Fee:- 50,000
  • Annual Fee:- 5,50,000

  • 7. Chinmaya International Residential School

    The motto is to build up the quality citizens in the country and that comes through care and attention and that is where Chinmaya International Residential School comes in the picture.

    According to their Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, “The most marvelous computer is only a product of the human brain.”

  • The academics here take place according to the CBSE guidelines. The school also follows the Spiritual curriculum where they teach how to preach Non-Violence, a healthy attitude toward life, Respect, Love and Care.
  • Facilities Offered by Chinmaya International Residential School:

    Jogging, Yoga, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Water Polo, Baseball and more are under the sports activities.

    Film & Photography, Gardening, Handicraft & Needlework, Heritage, English Literary & Journalism, Motor Mechanics, Hindustani Classical Vocal, etc are the clubs and societies for the student to engage.

    Various Social programs are conducted for students to create awareness.

    The school also has a large swimming pool with an automatic purifying system.

    Fees Structure:

  • Registration Fee:- 5,000
  • Admission Fee:- 1,00,000
  • Annual Fee:- 5,50,000

  • 8. The Lawrence School, Sanawar

    Established in 1847, The Lawrence School – Sanawar is situated on a height of 1750 meters and has an area of 139 acres, have a dense forest of pine, deodar, and other conifer trees, the school owes its vision to Sir Henry Lawrence, and his wife Honoria.

    The school is a co-educational boarding school which is affiliated to CBSE and has a diversity of students. An environment of encouragement towards questioning mind and different areas for students to express and explore their skills.


    The tutorial system is in trend here and every student is a part of a “Tutorial group” and every group has a teacher assigned to look after them.
    Class V & VI have three sections whereas class VII onwards each class has four sections. Each section has 25 to 28 children.
    The School offers Humanities, Commerce, Medical & Non-Medical subjects in classes XI & XII for students.

    Facilities Offered by The Lawrence School, Sanawar:

    The school has a variety of sports activities ranging from Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Rifle shooting, Boxing.
    The school also has a program for camping and trekking and the Himalayan ranges provide the perfect area for the same.

    NCC is compulsory for all the senior students and the school has an extensive parade every year.

    The clubs and societies are divided into two parts, they are- Spring Team and Founder’s team and both the teams have different themed clubs and societies.

    The medical facilities here are well-managed to keep the children healthy.

    The Library here is a modern one, where all the books are barcoded and can found using the search option from Vidya package.

    Fees Structure:

  • Registration Fee:- 15,000
  • Admission Fee:- 1,00,000
  • Annual Fee:- 9,02,000

  • 9. St John’s International Residential School

    The school begun its journey with being a boy’s school only, at the completion of its 10 years, the school transformed and introduced the co-educational system. The school is affiliated to CBSE.

  • Various languages are taught here mainly French, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Sanskrit.
  • The school has a vast range of subjects and various assessments for the evaluation of the students.
  • The academic session is divided into two terms, they are- First and Second terms.
  • Facilities Offered by St John’s International Residential School:

    The school is self-sufficient, the structure, as well as the facilities, are offered, keeping in mind the needs of the student, be it Stationery shop, Library, Cafeteria or even a Saloon.

    The school has a different department for training and learning practices, e.g. – Art training center, brass band training, etc.

    Medical facilities are up to the mark with an effective staff.
    Zion Auditorium for various in-house events like debating, dance, music competition and more.

    Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Ball Badminton, Shuttle Badminton, Kabaddi, Lawn Tennis, and 8 Lane Athletic tracks, the school has well-managed fields.

    10. The Daly College Indore

    The Daly College was inaugurated on November 14, 1885, by the Viceroy, Lord Dufferin. The motto of the school believes that knowledge is power and believes that to develop for leaders for tomorrow, the smallest steps are the vital ones.


    The school is affiliated to various boards and one of which is CBSE. The various department for senior classes ranges from basic subjects like English, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc.

    Facilities Offered by The Daly College Indore:

    The school has a variety of sports for the students ranging from Climbing, Golf, Judo, Volleyball, Hockey, shooting, etc. to try their hand at different fields.

    The campus comprises of a temple, mosque, physiotherapy room, Vikram house, recording studio, Jhaveri Green Centre, etc.

    There are two societies, they are- English Literary Society and Hindi Literary Society.

    There are Performing Art as well, they comprise of Dance, Indian Music, Western Music, English and Hindi Dramatics.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 15,000
  • Admission Fee:- 1,00,000
  • Annual Fee:- 5,60,000

  • 11. Rastriya Indian Military College

    Prince Edward VIII the Prince of Wales was the one who inaugurated the prestigious college on 13th March 1922 in Dehradun. The school aims to build up a strong nation and thus, aims at its foundational blocks. The school is all-boys school.


    The school only offers Science stream at 10+2 level and the school also prepares its cadets for UPSC and thus, Social Science is also taught.
    The school is administered by the Union Ministry of Defence, the Directorate General of Military Training, Army.
    The school also holds the Limca Book of Records, being the first military school in India which conduct exams for Class X and XII twice a year, in May and November. The exams are affiliated by CBSE.

    Facilities Offered by Rastriya Indian Military College:

    The campus of the school is 135 acres for 250 students selected from every state and has a strict admission procedure.

    The campus has few heritages in Tudor Style that houses the cadets, their mess and dining halls, education block, etc.

    The sports activities in the school are Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Shooting and many other activities as well.

    The school library has over 18,000 books, journals, and magazines. for students to have a rich amount of reading material.

    Cybercafé and Computer facilities for students to explore the tech world.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 63,000

    12. Jain International Residential School

    The school was established in 1999 by JGI, JIRS aims at the holistic development of its students, the school is a co-educational residential school that can house 750n students.

    With a high standard for every step be it academics or sports, the school strives for the betterment of its students.


    The school is affiliated to CBSE and medium of instruction is English.
    The school has classes from VI-XII where the 6th standard students study English, Social, Science, Maths, Hindi and other languages as well and 11th-12th standard has 3 streams- Commerce, Science and Humanities.

    Facilities Offered by Jain International Residential School:

    Library: the school library has a collection of over 20,500 books, CD, cassettes, etc. The library is the hub of all activities.

    Laboratories: there are five laboratories which also includes Language and Maths laboratory for students and the laboratories are technically updated regularly.

    Computer Labs: With internet access, the students are constantly updated with the changes and how to become an expert in the IT department.

    Sports: a vast range of sports are found here, highlighting Ten Pin Bowling, Billiards/Snooker/ 8 Ball Pool, Water Polo, Frisbee and more.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 3 lakhs approx.

  • 13. Ecole Globale school Dehradun

    Built on a 40-acre land, the school is an exclusively girls’ residential school where the girls are taught to think positively, live independently and become confident and responsible.

    The school has a well-versed education system where the girls are motivated to think and aspire for bigger aims in life.


    The school houses classes from 4th grade to 1st grade and is affiliated to Cambridge International Examination system and Central Board of Secondary Examination.
    The student-teacher ratio is 1:15 which helps in giving better attention to individuals.
    The school also homes different skills of the girls in music, dance, sports and a lot of other activities.

    Facilities Offered by Ecole Globale School:

    The campus is spread across 40-acre land which gives enough space for the well-ventilated classroom, computer lab, science and mathematics laboratories, and a fully developed sports complex.

    The sports here are lawn tennis, basketball and volleyball a rifle club and football and athletics.

    The school promotes various other activities for students to have different fields to explore, the activities are dance, drama, public speaking, performing arts, societies and performing groups.

    Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 20,000
  • Admission Fee:- 1,00,000
  • Annual Fee:- 4,25,000

  • 14. Genesis Global School

    The school has made it their motto to provide individual attention, modern facilities and exposure to the Best global practices of mentoring and care for their students.

    The school focuses on children to strive better so that they can make this place a better place to live in.


    The school is affiliated to International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Assessment of International Education, and Central Board of Secondary Education.

    There are a variety of subjects for students to learn, explore and be a part of something they have an interest in.

    The school works with the motto of telling me and I Forget, show me and I remember and Involve me and I Understand it.

    There are different programs in the school for different trajectory points of the children.

    Facilities Offered by Genesis Global School:

    The school has a multi-purpose hall, Library which consists of a great number of books for students to read and learn from them, laboratory for the students to use their knowledge in a practical situation, dining hall, Infirmary, etc. for the facilities of the student.

    Design and Technology, Robotics, Art, Music, and dance. activities are held in the school for students to get a different direction in life as well.

    Fencing, Rubrics, Yoga, Badminton, Chess, Wings, Horse Riding and sports activities for the students.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 5 lakhs approx

  • 15.Birla International School, Rajasthan

    Located on Jaipur-Ajmer highway, BISK was established in June 2010 and is affiliated to CBSE. The school works for the vision of a world that is a better place to live where the minds of people are filled with care and curiosity.


    The school believes in experiential learning and thus wants to provide an effective way of education, the elementary section has different subjects like English, Hindi, maths, etc for students as per CBSE and also a variety of programmes to mobilize young minds.

    Facilities Offered by Birla International School:

    Every school aims at holistic development of the children and that is why they have an advance sports curriculum for students to be physically and mentally healthy.

    The sports offered here are Football, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Cycling, Horse Riding, Table Tennis, Rifle/Pistol Shooting and Boxing.

    There are various laboratories for students experiential learning and they are Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Humanities, Psychology and Language.

    The wellness center is well equipped with all that is necessary for immediate care and there is a staff of trained doctor and nurses to deal with an emergency.

    Hobby Centre where students are free to explore their interest and build it into their passion.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 3 Lakhs approx.
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    16. The Sagar School

    The school is in the center of the green beauty and has a campus of 162 acres and is co-educational residential school.

    The school has a diversity not only of India but also from countries like Nepal, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, and UAE.


    With the student teacher being 1:8, the bonding between the student and teacher is excellent.
    The school is affiliated with CBSE and the medium of instruction is English and it is their first language while Hindi, French and German as second and third languages.

    Facilities Offered by The Sagar School:

    The campus has a lot of facilities ranging from medical centre, fields, Swimming pool, Clock tower, Auditorium etc. to provide world-class infrastructure for students.

    Different workshops, clubs, societies, camps, outings and sports exposures are an integral part of the curriculum.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 2 Lakhs approx.

  • 17. Sai International School

    The school is working on the area of cognitive and non-cognitive abilities and thus it is the mission of the school. Holistic development and growth of the student is their core scheme.


    The school is affiliated with CBSE, the school is a co-educational and the grade starts from 4th till 12th.

    Facilities offered by Sai International School:

    Various clubs like Ignited minds for debating clubs. Radio orange for radio, the symphony for music and more are the ways that the school inculcate the creativity of students.

    The campus is really beautiful and spacious and has all the necessary departments and centers.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 5 lakhs approx.

  • 18. Vikash Residential School

    This residential school is a part of Vikash Knowledge Park and is a school for the next generation.

    The school goes by the motto of motivating young minds to have a unique and happy direction in life.


    The school is affiliated with CBSE and the medium of instruction is English.

    The subject choices are Humanities, Science and Commerce for classes 4th to 10th and for senior classes as well.

    Facilities Offered by Vikash Residential School:

    The school is spread across a campus area of 16 acres with really fascinating building and facilities.

    Clubs and Societies are an integral part of the curriculum and student’s holistic development is what matters.

    The infrastructure is planned with ideas that were out of the box.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 2 Lakhs approx.

  • 19. Vantage Hall Girls’ Residential School, Uttarakhand.

    The school plans to bridge the gap between perception and reality and has various approaches that are really different are directed towards life.


    The school is affiliated with CBSE and the medium of instruction is English and the school has a different aspect of development.

    There is a various distinction in the approach towards teaching which makes this school better than others.

    Facilities Offered by Vantage Hall Girls’ Residential School:

    The campus is spread across 10 acres and has various sports and art facilities.

    Clubs and societies to mobilize youth toward the different field.

    Also, community service is highly encouraged here.

    Fees Structure:
  • Total Annual Fee:- 5 Lakhs approx.

  • 20. Unison World School

    Unison World School is another girl’s residential school located in Dehradun, India. This school has tied up with Kilgraston School, Rangi Ruru Girls School, as well as with St. Francis’ College, UK.

    The school provides a safe & supportive environment to students and involves the student in a wide range of learning as well as extra-curricular activities.

  • The School is affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) Board as well as Cambridge Assessment International Education and provides best in class education.
  • Special attention is given on sports, life-skills and academics along with personal care and safety.
  • Fees Structure:
  • Registration Fee:- 20,000
  • Admission Fee:- 80,000
  • Annual Fee:- 7,30,000

  • Conclusion:

    We are now all done with the some of the Best Boarding Schools In India that follow CBSE Board of education.

    So, now it’s time to make a decision and if you are still unable to find the right School for your child feel free to contact us on boardingschoolsofindia.com. We can help you with the complete details of boarding schools according to your preference.

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