The Secret To Getting Into Boarding School

Secret To Getting Into Boarding in Boarding Schools of India

The secret becomes our choice and choice becomes the goal. If a student wants to get that secret, then here are some tips that will not only help but it will also make up your mind why it is important knowing about Boarding School. Why it is so different as compared to other types of schools.


Getting a child in a Boarding School requires three main attributes- aspiration of that type of education, a complete procedure at the time of admission, getting the right advice from the expertise as will help you to suggest the best school as per your requirements.

Before making up your mind for boarding school let’s do some preparation which will help you to follow the right path:

  1. You should know about the requirements like how much budget you can spend on boarding school, which board will be preferable for you, which type of school, and what should be the location of the school?
  2. Be aware of the assessment test, when it is going to held, and in which month?
  3. You should be well prepared for the assessment examination.
  4. You should keep multiple schools in option. Do not focus on one school.

The following are some steps that will help you get into boarding school:

1. How to prepare for an entrance examination

All Boarding schools conduct yearly examinations for upcoming students. He/she should be well known with all the subjects according to their standard. He must be fully prepared before giving an entrance test.

If students are getting confused about how to prepare an examination then parents should support him as there are certain websites available on google that shares every update regarding boarding schools, admission procedure, and entrance examination dates.

It is the responsibility of both the parents and child to be alert of when and where the information is being given out. will help you with all the updates about boarding schools. There is a news section on the homepage that will show you all the regular updates.

2. How to prepare for yourself in a written and oral examination

Improve your written part with the help of grammatical errors, spelling error, using good vocabulary, try to put innovative ideas, read the newspaper so as to remain attentive with current updates. Try to speak loud with clarity, do not hesitate, try to verbal in front of the mirror. You should be aware of what are you saying and that must be with full proof.

3. How to shortlist schools

Let’s take an example if you have cleared the assessment test in three schools. The first school is very competitive, the second school is less competitive, and the third school is balanced. In this case, try to find the ranking of schools. This will be a realistic decision to shortlist the school.

Once you shortlisted school, try to visit a school. Match all your needs and requirement that this will be the right school. As school has its own academic curriculum. After doing research and execution now comes to the next stage that is- how to consult regarding this. In, you can find that there are many experienced and professional consultants that will help you to make a final decision for your child. They will also help you to match the child profile to the school’s profile.

4. How to prepare for an interview

As everyone knows that interview in the last process after shortlisting, filling details, and completing the admission procedure. The interview is scheduled after the written test and when students cleared the test. Sometimes the interview is scheduled for both parents and students.

They must be fully prepared for an interview and should answer to the question which the interviewer will ask. Here is some question which they will probably ask like:

• Tell us about yourself?
• Why do you want to go to a boarding school?
• What is your favorite subject?
• What do you want to become after completion of studies? What preparation are you doing?
• What kind of knowledge do you want to gain from school?
• What are the other activities which you like other than studies?
• How long you can live without your parents?
• What are your achievements in past school?
• How much respect do you give to your mentors?

5. Trace your Achievement

These 14 years of the platform gives a report of how the student is coping up. The students must keep a track of all the list of the awards that they have achieved in the past as some schools ask for proof at the time of filling the registration forms.

6. How Boarding Schools helps to get good grades-

It is very essential as getting a good grade will help your child to know which subjects he should offer, as many boarding schools are working hard with their students to get good marks and they integrate the total session including academic and non- academic where the child is participating. It is a real-time example of self-motivation.

7.How to Contribute and Participate in the community service

Students are involved both in academic and extracurricular activities and here score is also allotted for participating in extra activities. The student is taught how to be more responsible for the community, how to help the backward section of society, and how to help poor people.

There are some fixed days and festivals when schools used to go out with students and management to help people. For example, in Raksha-Bandhan the schoolgirls tie rakhis to Jawan’s, on Environment Day celebration the students and management organize a short program and celebrate plantation tree ceremony.

8. The child should have multiple skills

Boarding schools are a platform where you can showcase all your hidden skills and these skills are openly accepted and respected by the management. They organize many educational tours and conducts national level and international level competition. Students are appreciated by their talents and encourage them to move in a direction.

9. Brainstorming session

Most of the boarding schools organize this session and engage students to explore more and more things which can be useful for their career, How to think deeply? What is right? What is wrong?

Some schools have started taking essays session where the current topic is allotted to each student and they are used to write what their opinion. this will avail to highlight their skills. The schools also organize some of the counselling sessions with the students where the experts are available to guide how to proceed to the vocation.


We at hope that this blog will help all those parents who are looking for admission in the upcoming session.

We have tried to define the complete procedure on how to prepare your child, what necessary things are to be taken care of. How to get self-updated. How to match your requirement to the school information. What kinds of experts are available to help parents in knowing what is the right decision to take?

So, at the end of this, always follow three steps-RESEARCH, PROCESS, EXECUTE!!
Start thinking from today itself “Today is the day where you can change your thoughts and in the coming days you can see your bright future”.

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