What is the right age for Boarding school?

Right Age in Boarding Schools of India
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

A boarding school is an educational institute that facilitates students to not only study but also to live on the premises as opposed to a day school.

It can be difficult for a parent to decide whether to enroll their child to a boarding school or not.

However, many parents feel that the benefits of boarding schools are much more significant then drawbacks, and choose to give their kids their best shot at making it in this era of competition.

A Research says that boarding school students are much more competent to earn advanced degrees, compared to those of non-boarding school students. This research is convincing enough for parents to choose boarding school education for their children.

But, the most important question that arises is: – “What is the right age for boarding school ?“

If you are unsure about what is the right age of your child to join a boarding school? So, remember “Every child can learn, just not the same day or the same way”.

Some researchers say that there is not really a right or wrong age, but the age of 8 – 13 years is appropriate for stating boarding school education. But if you want to know that your child is ready for being away from home at the boarding school then, here are few idiosyncrasies the student ready for boarding school exhibit:

    1. Inquisitiveness about the natural world
    2. Ability to interact with others
    3. Artistic Tendencies
    4. Sincerity in work
    5. Enjoy being outdoors
    6. Enjoy making friends
    7. Enjoy challenging themselves
    8. Thoughtful about social welfare


1- Inquisitiveness about natural world:

Musty the children are curious to know about the world they live in. If your child wants to know how things came to be? How do things work? and attempt to learn much about the natural world then he is ready for boarding school.

2- Ability to interact with others:

Some children at the age of 8 -13 years fear to leave their parents. Instead, they enjoy being around with the people who are familiar to them, these children tend to be shyer and introvert. Being introverted does not mean the child is weak. It is a signal that he needs a bit more time to enroll in boarding the curious to know about the world they live in.

3- Artistic Tendencies:

If your child gets involved in arts, playing musical instruments or performing in front of people. So, your child might be ready for boarding school. Many boarding schools offer various performing arts programs to prepare talented children for a successful future and the earlier your child begins to master their creative skills the more likely they will succeed.

4- Sincerity in work:

If your child is more self-dependent and sincere in doing his work, then it can be said, he is ready to attend the boarding school. This may appreciate his good habits and encourage him to work more sincerely and efficiently.

5- Enjoy being outdoors:

If your child loves being outdoor or is always eager to access the world in his own way, then it can be said that he is ready for boarding school.

6- Enjoy making friends:

If your child is gregarious and love meeting new people, then it is the best time to let your child into boarding school.

7- Enjoy challenging themselves:

Most of the children enjoy taking challenges may it be in the field of studies or in day to day chores. Boarding schools helps to enhance their competitive skills.

8- Thoughtful about social welfare:

Many children are quizzical about society and the old rules and they want to raise voice against injustice in their own small way. This is a major thing that your child is ready for a boarding school.

One of the main reasons of sending children at a boarding school is, that the jobs of various parents require to move from place to place every 2 -3 years this arises a major problem as you can not keep moving your child from school to school. In this case, boarding schools may be the best option.

Planning it early is a sensible approach it can make your child more habitual for boarding school.

There are 3 types of boarding schools on the basis of age: –

  • Preparatory Boarding Schools
  • Senior Boarding Schools
  • Independent College
Preparatory Boarding Schools:

– It can also be called as Junior boarding school and is for the students of age 7 – 11.

Senior Boarding School:

– These schools are called secondary boarding schools and are for the students of age 11 – 16

Independent College:

– These are boarding schools for further education, college, or for specialized courses. The students of age 16 and above are enrolled in these boarding schools.

It is not just that its tough for parents to let their child into a boarding school, but, it can be harder for children to cope up with the new surroundings at young age.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare your child for Boarding school.

Following are some points which can be helpful for parents to prepare their child for boarding: –

1- Sharing:

You must prepare your child for living in shared accommodation with other peers and to collaborate with them in extracurricular activities.

2- Organizing Routine:

It is very important to prepare your child mentally, that life at boarding school tend to be more disciplined and structured. Getting them into the habit of living without parents and this also includes waking up on their own, having their meals on time, packing their things, etc.

3- Growing Independent:

The children at boarding are comparatively more independent then the common day scholars. Before letting your child into boarding school, get them in the habit of being independent if they are not in the habit of doing things on their own. This includes encouraging them to systematize their bed each morning, managing their school homework, making them cook some simple snacks or meals on their own.

4- Get school-friendly:

Before letting your child attend the school, plan a visit to the campus of the boarding school and meet teachers and parents of other students. In this way, your child will have some familiar faces. While it can be comforting for parents as well.

5- Cope up with homesickness:

Many children face difficulty in moving to a new surrounding this can be a wave of homesickness so, preparing them for being away from home is the best alternative.

At the end, there is no answer to this question that “What is the right age for boarding school?”

It is totally up to you and your child to decide when the time is right.

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