Reason to Select an All Boy Boarding School

Reason to Select an All Boy Boarding School in Boarding Schools of India

A boarding school is exactly like any other school with added advantages and the pupils studying there also live inside the school premises. It is a college preparatory institution. Boarding schools include an organized schedule of extracurricular activities.

Here are some hidden facts about boarding schools :

  • Classes are comparatively shorter
  • Athletics and extracurricular activities are encouraged
  • Teachers monitor students round the clock
  • The premises are beautiful and attractive
  • Less academic pressure on students

There are many types of boarding schools. These are broadly classified into 8 types:-

1- College preparatory school

2- Military school

3- Sports school

4- Performing arts school

5- Religious school

6- Therapeutic school

7- Junior school

8- Single-gender school (Girls / Boys)

1- College preparatory boarding school:-

This type of boarding school aims the primary goal of preparing students for academic hardships of college life

2- Military boarding school:-

Military boarding school prepare the student not only for college life but also with military-type discipline and structure. This type of residential school provides a strong base to students who want to join the military forces.

3- Sports boarding school:-

In sports boarding schools the students spend most of their time learning specific sports or perfecting certain skills.

4- Boarding schools for performing arts:-

These schools specialize in helping students train in various artistic fields such as music, visual art, creative writing, etc.

5- Therapeutic boarding school:-

The main motive of these schools is handling students who are facing challenges such as behavioral or emotional problems, difficulty in learning. such children are referred to as “struggling teens” hence these types of schools are the best alternative for them.

6- Religious boarding school:-

This type of school focuses on integrated religious studies, customs, and traditions into academics. Here, prayers and other religious activities are prioritized in the curriculum right from the lower classes. The syllabus may also be influenced by these religious beliefs.

7- Junior boarding school:-

These schools are specially designed for students in kindergarten to 8th std, for keeping only the small kids together. The curriculum can include a variety of different learning experiences.

8- Single-gender boarding school:-

The schools which allow only single-gender setting. or do not promote girls and boys living in the same premises is called single-gender boarding school. So, these are Girls Only or Boys Only schools.

If you are a parent exploring boarding school options, you may be wondering about the value of single-gender versus Co-Ed schools. Every child is different, and there is nothing like one-size-fits-all.

When it comes to boarding education parents usually look for a single-gender boarding school. Boarding schools for boys are mostly established for conservative societies were mixing up of boys and girls isn’t much encouraged. Others believe that it will not divert the boys attention towards other unnecessary things during academic life. As a result, the child will perform better and develop an independent nature.

Boys boarding schools offer a welcoming and energizing educational environment for a wide variety of personalities. The boys receive much-needed assistance and direction, and are inspired to involve themselves in all aspects of life that may otherwise be unduly influenced by girls in a co-educational environment.

Educating boys in a single-gender boarding school is not an offensive on equal rights. It is an opening that eventually improves equality by acknowledging boys and girls to cultivate their own unique and specific learning styles.

Here are the benefits of an all-boys boarding education:-

1- Self reliance

2- Fewer distractions

3- Boy focused curriculum

4- Greater opportunities

5- No ridicule

6- The bond between parents and children grow stronger

7- Companionship and life long friendship

8- Ideal preparation for adult life

9- Guide boys towards a disciplined life

10- Great sports facilities

1- Self-reliance:-

In Boys boarding schools, boys quickly learn how to perform many domestic chores and complete school assignments by themselves. They become capable of managing their time, money and resources. The boys studying at boarding schools mature faster and tend to be very independent and successful in life.

2- Fewer distractions:-

Boarding school boys can focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractions like girls, narcotics and liquors are not there. These young scholars usually perform better academically because they live in an environment that is promotive to learning.

3- Boy focused curriculum:-

All boys institution allows educators to tailor their teaching in such a way that maximizes the way a boy learns. Boys and girls develop at a different pace and possess different strengths. Boys are naturally more special and visual. Researchers have found that a boy’s brain is wired to require movement space, action and also learn better when the material is presented in small portions. Hence, the curriculum and learning activities are designed in such a manner to make them grasp faster.

4- Greater opportunities:-

All boys boarding schools offer a safe place for boys to nourish their inherent talent. They get a chance to express their emotions and discover subjects such as the arts and classic literature, etc. Usual non-masculine areas are actually admired and encouraged in an all-boys school environment, which in general are not so obvious.

5- No ridicule:-

With no female classmate to impress, boys can get on with being their true selves. They feel free to explore activities such as choir and orchestra. In a Co-Ed school, this may be like un-masculine and is a greater possibility of getting ridiculed. Masculine labels disappear along with misogynist traits and transform into a thoughtful discussion.

6- The bond between parents and children grow stronger:-

The separation due to boarding school actually strengthen families when the child is away at boarding school. He grows closer to his parents as everyday frictions of life eliminate the daily chores, the homework battles, the daily stress and concerns of living together. Maturity between parent and child grows enhancing the bond, respect and love for each other.

7- Companionship and lifelong friendship:-

All boys boarding schools are known for having core values and traditions. Participation in group activities associated with these traditions allows children to make strong bonds with their fellows and to develop a lasting friendship. In the all-boys surrounding the children have more in common with each other and the experience shared allows bonds that last long forever.

8- Ideal preparation for adult life:-

All boys boarding school grants the students an independence they would not have living at home. It is an ideal preparation of the child for future challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

9- Guide boys towards a disciplined life:-

An all-boys boarding school gives the child a disciplined environment that bestows him a life with routine and self-discipline. They grip the art of self-discipline by creating a foundation through a set of good habits.

10- Great sports facilities:–

In an all-boys curriculum, the sports facilities are slightly better than co-ed curriculum as you will find everything from crew to squash, basketball to hockey. The boarding facilities take special care of the fitness and health of the child. The children are trained in these schools to compete regionally as well as globally.

It is very tough to send your child away, but it is best for his future. Many celebrities also went to boys boarding schools and set milestones for everyone, few of them are-

– Salman Khan and Arbaz khan at The Scindia Boys Boarding School

– Sanjay Dutt at The Lawrence school

– Arshad Warsi at Barnes boarding school

– Saif Ali Khan at The Lawrence school

– Abhinav Bindra at The Doon school

And many more …

Here is a list of top boys boarding school in India 

1- The Doon School

2- The Scindia School

3- Welham Boys School

4- Mayo College

5- Sarala Birla Academy

We hope this information will help you in clearing your confusion about all-boys boarding school and you will not face any difficulty in making a wise decision for your child’s good future.

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