How to Apply to Boarding School

How to apply for a baording school

Boarding is a place that provides holistic development in every aspect of life for a greater and stronger future. In India starting from the ancient times to the modern generation the concept of boarding always remains a superior system for education. The gurukul system of education taught basic survival skills to the students, and being influenced by this our current boarding education system aims towards all-around knowledge which is necessary for a better future.

In boarding, the child lives away from their home and lives in premises of the certain boarding school, while living there they understand the need to learn the basic things which help to live a comfortable life without depending on others. Boarding school provides a positive and intellectual environment for the students to learn and grow to be better person. In this blog, we are going to tell you about every important detail you should know while applying or searching a suitable boarding school for your child. A residential school is an educational institution that provides the facility of living in school premises to students. These schools provide all the necessary things needed to lead a comfortable life away from home. Some boarding schools take admission from early age but many of them prefer students od 9th grade to 12th grade.

Admission in a boarding school is very much similar to a normal day school.. they might ask for an entrance test as well as previous years academic results and one-to-one interaction with the kid. Every school has its own process of admission.

Many boarding houses prefer to admit students from an early age but some of them allow students of 9th grade to 12th grade to get into the schools. But the thing which must be remembered is that you must prepare your kid to live away from home. Age is an important factor considered at the time of admission into boarding schools. Admission at right age leads your child to a better and disciplined life. A study says the child who he admitted to a boarding school at an early age is much more morally, socially and mentally developed in comparison to a normal school kid of his age.

Admission process for a boarding school and things on How to Apply to Boarding School?

Admission in a boarding school is quite similar to a normal day school. The process of finding an appropriate school is much tough than getting admission. Here is the process you can follow to take admission in a boarding curriculum.

  1. Searching for the best boarding school
  2. Shortlisting right school according to your kid.
  3. Visiting schools and survey
  4. Application submission
  5. Interaction with faculty and staff
  6. Entrance test
  7. Personal interview
 1. Searching for the best boarding school:

Searching the best of the best schools is the first and the most important step for any parent and can help you in it .here are the best boarding schools according to your requirements search the best one according to your needs and get special guidance and reviews form the experts.

2. Shortlisting right school according to your kid:

Shortlist the best schools according to your requirements considering you budget, board, infrastructure, facilities, and child’s comfort This process must be done very carefully and making sure the interest of the kid and locality where the school is situated.

3. Visiting schools and survey:

After shortlisting schools you must visit schools personally .as it is important to ensure that the school is as good as it looks on the brochure and the schools is comfortable for the kid or not. Closely observing the school can be helpful for you to analyze more about the school.

4. Application Submission:

Once you have selected the Best Residential school you must fill application forms so that it can be accepted and further procedure can be easily proceeded .all the details must be filled properly and required documents should be attached properly so that the process can take place flawlessly.

5. Interaction with faculty and staff:

Knowing about the teachers and the staff can be helpful for your child’s future. Interaction can make your child confident and can feel way better for the school .and this will make it easy for the child to accept the boarding environment.

6. Entrance test:

Every institution has its own way of taking admissions some schools prefer an entrance test for the student to check his ability to cop up in a boarding curriculum. this test is taken to make sure a transparent way of qualifying admission .the test comprises logical questions, normal subject-related questions and it’s up to the institution what else they want to know before admitting the students.

7. Personal interview:

Students have to face a personal one-on-one interview after qualifying the written test .this personal interview is to analyze the interaction skills of the child and to understand his mental state. And to see that whether the child is ready or not for the boarding environment.

There are some major things you must not forget before applying for a boarding school. The student must be mentally prepared; he must be prepared for the entrance exam, parents must carefully see all details related to the school such as the school is Co-Ed or single-gender school, The fee structure of the school, availability of transport, etc.

Hope this information will help you finding admission in the perfect school for your kid. Every Boarding school has a different procedure of taking admission so it’s important to read separately about every school you are considering.

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