Why foreign students are coming to study in Boarding Schools

Foreign students study at Boarding Schools In India

Foreign students study at Boarding Schools In India

India, a country known to have one of the oldest civilizations in the world, also has the oldest education system. The land that produced scholars like Chanakya, Aryabhata, Panini, and Charaka and epic Sanskrit literature in the forms of Vedas and Shastras to teach the world about Medicines, Economics, Astrology, Political Science, Mathematics, and Astronomy. 

With India’s educational system as diverse as its history and culture, the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ has been attracting foreign students for years to study in India’s prominent universities, colleges, and schools. In particular, top boarding schools in Dehradun, Shimla, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, have witnessed a high number of foreign students in 2018-19. 


According to a study in 2018–19, India was home to 47,427 foreign students from 164 countries, including 1,518 from the US. 


Contrary to the perception that only Indians go abroad for studies, this blog is about how the boarding schools of India are changing this and many of India’s top boarding school facilities have been an ideal destination for international students. There are many lesser-known facts about India that one might not have heard of. But few reasons have been consistent in giving the right indications as to why foreign students come to India for boarding schools. 


Let’s find out the top reasons why international students choose Indian boarding schools for their studies. 


Rich cultural history and ample exploration opportunities

India has a centuries-old rich cultural history and diversity, and that is evident in the historical monuments dating back many centuries, as well as natural scenic places to visit. Many top boarding schools are located at some of these historic and naturally awestruck locations, like the boarding schools of Shimla, Dehradun, Jaipur, and Mussoorie. All these locations are also the most popular tourist destinations. When overseas students study in India, they can enjoy the privilege of living in a multicultural and multilingual society as all of these places are well connected by rail, bus, and air.

Low-budget residential facilities 

The primary and most significant factor luring international students to Indian boarding schools is the cost of the boarding schools. The unique feature of the educational system is that it provides a high-quality education at a relatively reasonable cost. Foreign students receive a high-quality education at a relatively affordable price because almost all of India’s best boarding schools have an excellent reputation and offer admission based on merit. There are boarding schools with tuition starting at a little over Rs 1 lakh, and for this affordable cost, you receive a top-notch education with first-rate amenities and infrastructure.A Home Away from Home

India is known for providing the highest quality education in the world, and Indian teachers play a crucial part in that quality education. There are many English-speaking nations, including the US, Australia, and the UK, but parents prefer to send their children to India, as they believe their children are safer in India than anywhere else, and the Indian teachers and culture they share are the primary factors. Indian teachers are exceptionally compassionate and share a motherly bond with their students away from home, which is crucial for their development both physically and intellectually. Also, to manage homesickness other mental problems, that may be caused by academic stress. To learn more about handling homesickness in residential school, don’t miss on checking out the Guide to dealing with homesickness at boarding school.


Scholarships for meritorious students 

A top boarding school in India can be expensive for socially deprived students looking for the best education and residential facilities. To solve this problem and ensure that students from neighbouring countries come to India, the best schools and universities provide financial aid to underprivileged students. Additionally, some of the top institutions have partnerships with foreign schools that give students the opportunity to study abroad at a top-tier boarding institution.

Most suitable for non-English-speaking students

Many nations around the world still favour their native dialect over incorporating English into their educational systems. Parents in this nation are extremely worried about their children’s employment prospects abroad. For them, the boarding schools of India serve as a stepping – stone, particularly for students from East Asia. Parents from nations such as Korea, Thailand, parts of China, and Vietnam desire to send their kids to India for higher education in English so that they can seek work, particularly in nations like the US where English is valued highly

Getting a student’s visa

If you are reading this from a foreign country and have ever applied for an Indian visa. You are aware of how easy it is to get a visa to visit, work, and study in India. This brings us to the next and most compelling reason why foreign students want to study in Indian boarding schools. MEA reports that more than 45,250 Bangladeshis entered India with student visas between 2016 and 2021. 20,758 Malaysians and 39,111 Afghans follow them. In addition to students from Iran, South Korea, Sudan, and Sri Lanka, 44 Pakistani immigrants entered India during this time on student visas.

Wrapping up

Thousands of students fly to India every year to study in our boarding schools because of the unparalleled range of academic courses we offer. Boarding schools provide students with an assured education and career development. We hope this post has cleared up many doubts about why Indian boarding schools are the ideal destination for international students. International students can use this information to plan a successful journey to the best Indian boarding schools. With our offices abroad, we can provide you with the best advice on finding a school for your children. We can assist you with any questions, you may have regarding the best boarding schools in India.

Listed below are a few links to schools you can discover on our website if you are looking for the best boarding schools.


JAIN International Residential School, JIRS

JIRS is one of the best boarding schools in Bangalore for international students, who are looking for all the facilities mentioned above. The CBSE-affiliated boarding school delivers the best and most holistic experience to international students. Through a participatory and leadership approach, the school helps them hone skills and shoulder responsibilities in addition to knowledge transfer and encourages students to develop original thinking, competency, and leadership skills through various activities, and a broad curriculum with competent and exciting courses.

View JIRS School 


Tula’s Dehradun

Founded in 2012, Tula’s International School is gaining so much popularity in so little time to be one of the best residential schools in Dehradun for international students. It aims to impart education through seamless opportunities, following the Modern Gurukul Concept in a co-ed boarding school. This perfect amalgamation of the Old Gurukul system with a Modern Learning Approach is one of the most attractive points for foreign students looking for the ideal boarding school in India.

View Tula’s International School


Shriram centennial school Dehradun

Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun, which is affiliated with CISCE, has a prestigious name among the top boarding schools for international students. It established a standard among the schools with its top-notch education and residential facilities to become Uttarakhand’s top Day Boarding and Residential Schools for foreign students. We provide a high-quality education with excellent boarding facilities for students in grades IV through XII, as well as unrivalled day boarding for students in grades II through XII.

View SRCS Doon


ODM Public School, Odisha

ODM Public School, as a 21st Century institution, is committed to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic, success-oriented education program that provides native and international students with a global and local perspective. The school is well-known among international students for its innovative teaching methods that are rooted in Indian culture and employ cutting-edge technology.

View ODM Public School


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