Facilities of best Co-ed Boarding Schools of India

Facilities to Look into best Co-ed Boarding Schools in India

Schools have always been considered a world apart from the real-world chaos. For centuries it has been the tradition to send children to boarding schools. In modern-day India Boarding, schools’ manifest different ways to adapt to modern societies. 

Parents and students consider boarding schools a place where a child can immerse in learning. Between the need for academia and a mixture of co-curricular activities, top schools of India offer many different experiences, and progressive education practices throughout the year. 


Check the list of some boarding schools in India, with a rich history  

  1. Woodstock School, Mussoorie 
  2. Sherwood College, Mussoorie 
  3. The Daly College, Indore 
  4. Lawrence School, Sanawar 
  5. New Era School, Panchgani 

On top of receiving a world-class education, there are certain facilities boarding schools offer to create the demanded environment for students where they can develop their skills while feeling safe and nurtured, staying away from their parents, preparing for future challenges.  


In this blog, we have listed the top facilities, co-ed boarding schools in India are offering. So that next time you are looking to choose the best boarding school in India, the choices will be based on these factors as well.  

“It is about the future of your child, choosing the best co-ed boarding school is more important than anything now.  

Let us get a glance at these facilities offered by co-ed boarding schools of India.  

1. Good Boarding School Location 

Commonly, a determining factor is the location appeal. For a boarding school, a convenient location on the outskirts of green countryside is ideal. It is always a bonus when learners can enhance their independence and be rooted in their culture, while also improving their academic performance. 

It is always important to search for a boarding school that is away from the distractions of crowded cities. To give your child an idyllic environment to learn and grow all together. Live through unique experiences of the natural world and an understanding of their place within it. 

Here are a few cities to consider as Ideal boarding school locations. 

  1. Boarding schools in Panchgani
  2. Boarding schools in Dehradun
  3. Boarding schools in Shimla
  4. Boarding schools in Mussoorie
  5. Boarding schools in Nainital
  6. Boarding schools In Haryana  

2. Accommodation Facilities 

When considering the best boarding school accommodation facilities in India. You get so many options as all top co-ed boarding schools provide world-class residential facilities for students to stay, learn and grow in homelike surroundings. Hostels in boarding schools provide students with a room, bed, tables, and chairs, almirah and cabinets, washrooms, and a mess and canteen with an adequate menu to cover the nutrient deficiency.  

Though, all these extra accommodations call for more expenses on the parent’s part but are necessary from the boarding schools’ part. While top boarding schools in Bengaluru and boarding schools in Dehradun offer proper accommodation facilities for many students to live comfortably.  

Top co-ed Boarding schools with the best accommodation facilities in India 

3. Extra-Curricular and Entertainment Facilities 

Co-curricular activities are important to the best boarding schools in India. To provide children with a holistic development environment in which they can learn and grow. 

To encourage pupils to be more creative, social, and collaborative,” says the teacher. Co-curricular activities sometimes offer value to the school curriculum. Non-academic curriculum that contributes to the development of different phases of a child’s personality. Also, there is an impact at every level of a child’s development, both intellectual and personal. 

4. Latest classroom Technologies 

Technological advancements are transforming how schools deliver education. How the future of classroom learning be like? Will there be a big involvement of technologies such as cloud computing or augmented reality (AR), paving the way for a technology-driven future?  

Yes, there are too many future speculations too, but it has already started with the top boarding schools in India are offering smart classroom facilities, providing eBooks in libraries to students. They are adopting the promising and more advanced development of the hybrid and digital library and other digital learning technologies to make learning proactive, innovative, and gratifying for students.   

5. Healthcare and Medical Facilities 

When your child is away from you, his health can be equally important to look after as his/her academic.  

“Good health is the foundation of happiness. 

Best boarding schools in India are designed to effectively meet this challenge, by providing easy access to in-campus hospitals to provide children with a healthy environment, leading to a holistic environment. Good healthcare facilities in a co-ed boarding school can benefit the students’ overall personal growth and academic achievement. The boarding community has a designated career counsellor whose primary focus is to support necessary steps to handle mental health issues to foster health and well-being for students.  

6. All around Security  

Top boarding schools of India have already set up a surveillance system and are vigilant with having a reliable system to track student movement 24/7 and take precautionary steps to be aware of the potential consequences and do the best they can to prepare for them. Providing a safe and secure environment for students to live and learn.  

As parents, you should be the most concerned about the well-being of your child. Also, it is foremost you place greater expectations for the child’s security concerns. Co-ed Boarding schools in India are very proactive towards the safety of girls and ongoing covid-19 concerns.  

Safest Boarding schools’ destinations In India 

  1. Boarding schools for boys in Delhi 
  2. Boarding schools for girls in Mumbai
  3. Boarding schools In Karnataka 
  4. Boarding schools In Rajasthan
  5. Boarding schools In Maharashtra 

7. Modern Gadgets and Advanced lab Facilities

Top boarding schools in India offer advanced online sources to provide education using the smart classrooms that will bring excitement to learning using digital equipment like the DVD player or laptops and computers fitted to a projector, in collaborative and social ways that will revolutionize learning. This will enable education to be more than just reading printed materials. 

This generation is driven by technology and its innovations. Students in schools are very much obsessed with their gadgets, using them to learn, create and visualize. They do not see a world without gadgets.  

8.Sports and Entertainment Facilities

Top boarding schools in India offer dedicated time and area within the premises to planning and managing sports facilities, handling budgets, finance, maintenance.  

Sports facilities in boarding schools are important for the overall growth of the student. Though the primary role of a school is to provide education, but a child’s physical development is equally critical as academic growth. Sports and entertainment activities include indoor, outdoor games, plays, events etc.   

9. Career Guidance Cell 

Choosing the right career is often a dilemma for students. When it comes to choosing a career, students typically rely on their parents, teachers, friends, and their academic performance. With the development of technology, students have access to a wide variety of online resources that help them learn and plan. Students living in boarding schools constantly receive career guidance and seek help from the experts in the field whenever they need it with having a separate counselling centre.  

Best boarding schools have a trained staff in place to allow teenagers to take sessions, preparing effective career guidance program is designed for students to enable them to make effective future decisions while carrying out their academic duties. The aim is to help students find the right career for them. 

What’s Next! 

Above mentioned facilities are the most common and latest what many boarding schools In India are offering. So that students and parents can find the residential school in their neared locality.  

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