Importance of Reading

importance of reading in Boarding School of India

The importance of a reading habit is intrinsically linked to professional success, as it opens the mind to new experiences and offers new avenues of knowledge. Reading is an exercise for the mind. It helps kids calm down and be comfortable.

In this blog we will be covering following topics:

  • – What are reading skills?
  • – The Importance of Reading
  • – How to develop reading skills
  • – How to improve reading skills

What are reading skills?

Reading skills are capabilities that pertain to a person’s capacity to read, comprehend, interpret and decode written language and texts. Exceptional reading skills can be highly advantageous to assimilating and responding to written communications like emails, messages, letters, and other written messages. Using reading skills in the workplace can also be vital for ensuring effective written communication.

Reading skills can also encompass multiple key aspects that work together to develop overall literacy skills, including comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and strategies that help readers interpret and find meaning in texts.

The Importance of Reading

Reading increases our life in multiple ways:

 1. Exercise your mind

One of the profits of reading is that it engages diverse parts of your brain. When you read, you exercise your comprehension capabilities and your analytical capabilities. It fires up your imagination and promotes the memory centres of your mind. It helps remember information as well as stabilize your emotions. The importance of a reading habit is that it has robust mental muscles. It is one of the best mental workouts there is.

2. Reading Helps Your Vocabulary

Reading can help improve your vocabulary. Saying new words out thrust helps you better remember them and pick them up, making these new words part of your daily vocabulary. Those with a higher vocabulary are believed to be more genius and are often taken more seriously in a work setting, which can in return open up better career opportunities.

3. The Role of reading skills in communication

Reading and writing work in similar ways. Reading improves your writing style and flow. Reading gives you new words and perspectives. It helps strong language and sharpens sentence structure. It gives you a preferable command of the language. All of these are serious to be a good speaker.

4. It helps you discover Yourself

Every good book opens up a new amplitude of ideas for the reader. When you read a book, you somehow try to add the events, emotions, experiences, and characters in the books with yourself.

This not only keeps you engrossed in the book but also makes you feel how you would feel and react to those situations that have not yet occurred in your life. It helps you extend your dimensions of likes and dislikes.

5. Reading improves concentration and reduces stress

One of the gains of reading is that it relaxes your mind and body. You recharge your energy levels much quickly when you read. It is the best way to end the day on a quiet note. It may even help you fall asleep much ready.

6. Help master a language

Reading is one of the best ways to learn a new language or advantages mastery over a known one. Also, when you learn through stories, you learn much intensely. Learning about words through reference is one of the most organic ways to understand their meaning and correct your vocabulary. This also helps profit knowledge about colloquial terms.

How to develop reading skills

1. Start reading with what you like
  • – If you want to develop reading skills, you must start with a small book, a short story that too of an entity that you love and are fond of.
  • – For example: If you love cricket, start reading about small anecdotes of cricket, columns in the newspaper and then, pick a book on cricket.
2. Read several books simultaneously
  • – Something that is not recommended but will throw light that you as a reader can read various books simultaneously.
3. A friend to talk about what you read
  • – You can likewise get a reading accomplice to help you keep yourself motivated to complete chapters and objectives.
  • – This can be your partner, best friend, sibling, or anyone. This will also help you know things from a different perspective as a reader.

How to improve reading skills

There are a variety of ways you might correct your reading skills. You might prepare speed reading to correct your volubility or make notes each time you encounter unfamiliar vocabulary. The following steps also help outline what you might do to improve and further strengthen your reading skills.

1. Set aside time to read each day.

One of the most productive ways to build your skills is to practice. Improving your reading skills will presently take practice, and you can set aside 10 to 15 minutes each day to read. You can read news articles, fiction, magazine issues, or any kind of text, as deep as you are taking the time to exercise your reading skills.

2. Set reading goals.

You can begin reading objects for yourself to help you grow a wider vocabulary, gain a deeper understanding of different texts, and improve your ability to make links between things you read and your perspectives and ideas.

3. Determine the purpose.

As you read through various texts, practice determining the purpose. Think about why diverse texts were written and what meanings or themes can be understood from a text. moreover, you might identify the purpose that you are reading for, such as to find information, follow instructions in a manual or enjoy a story. Knowing your purpose for reading a text can help you look for vital thoughts and details that support your purpose.

4. Apply what you read by summarizing.

Summarizing what you read can also increase your reading skills. Summarizing strengths, you to remember specific details and central topics about what you read. As you improve your reading skills, your communication and overall capability to interact with others and perform in your career can develop as well.


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