The unmatched experience of attending Premium boarding schools in India

Premium boarding schools in India

Till about a decade ago, Boarding schools in India were only viewed as rich-kids school. Only the most influential and well-off Indians were able to send their children to the likes of:


and other premium boarding institutes. While the fees may be steep, parents of these boarding school kids get a lot in return. Better academic results is a bit of a blunt measurement and misses all the nuance involved in learning in an elite boarding school in India.


Premium boarding schools in India



In India’s best boarding schools, you will find the following:

Curriculum with Global Recognition

The CBSE/ICSE/Cambridge curriculum is set up in a way that it prepares pupils for both Indian and international competitive exams. The best boarding schools in India have the most appropriate curricula for your child’s academic and extracurricular requirements.

Infrastructural Excellence

The top boarding schools in India have higher brownie points, as they have exceptional infrastructure. That includes world class safety and security measures.

Conducive Environment

The top residential or boarding schools in India provide an environment suitable to studies. Every child is provided with equal focus by highly trained teachers and mentors. Students are uniquely prepared for university, and they enter college better prepared as compared to day boarders.

International Exposure

If it’s an international school, then an understanding of the world at large is imparted as well. Not just they learn about the different culture but meet the students coming from the different ethnicity and languages.

Art of Independence

Children learn the value of independence and how to be accountable to both themselves and their friends at boarding schools. Independence and accepting accountability for oneself and others are the foundations of maturity. When attending a residential school, kids look out for one other and any pals who are in need. They also learn to be autonomous and take responsibility for their own actions.

Round the Clock Co-curricular Activities

Boarding schools offer its pupils year-round sports and extracurricular activities. Living on a boarding school campus provides students a lot more time outside of class to practise and engage in extracurricular activities like sports, the arts, and intellectual endeavours. The best boarding schools in India have curricula that are created to organically foster the development of study, leadership, and time management abilities in their students.

The best of values: The top boarding schools in India offer an amalgamation of culture and traditions with new beliefs to bring out the best. International Residential School Bangalore, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, students share a great bond with their co-students and teachers.

Home Away from Home

Residential schools are like a small, tight-knit family that shares love, compassion, harmony, and empathy. It’s like a home away from home.

Lifelong friendships

The bonds are incredible and for many boarding school students. Their strongest and tightest bonds throughout life may be with boarding school classmates. Many boarding school students also have long lasting relationships with their teachers. You can’t help but develop strong relationships when living in an all-encompassing, round the clock, environment.

A wide Achievers Network

Every institution of higher learning has an alumni network, whether it is formal or not, and they are utilised for a variety of purposes. At best boarding schools operating for decades has the wider alumni network to foster professional relationships, plan reunions, and act as illustrative examples of the calibre of individuals that their college produces. For individuals who are truly curious about the lives of their former classmates and like to see what they’re up to, it is incredibly helpful.

Wrap up

In India, education is not only about knowing about different subjects; it is much beyond that. The best boarding schools in India are those that have the best-laid curriculum with soft skills and values.

Not just settled to be a status symbol, the best boarding schools have more to offer. Boarding schools can have the potential to be a great equalizer in the field of education because they provide a virtually standardized foundational education experience regardless of wealth.

As a result of increasing awareness, boarding schools have become popular among modern-day Indian parents. For most parents they are now the best alternative for developing discipline and character in a child from a very early age.

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