Sarvalokaa prepares students to take on environmental and social challenges

Sarvalokaa teach students to face environmental challenges

Sarvalokaa’s mission is to prepare students to face environmental and social challenges. It creates a new green energy space in the school and allows students to consider the effects and environmental challenges of climate change. The school organized a solar station visit on campus for students to discuss energy conservation and why solar power is one of the most sustainable forms of energy available. 

“The site visit allowed learners to dig into the details and prepare a realistic and representative analysis.” 


Sarvalokaa’s Solar-powered campus 

The entire campus is moving towards self-sufficiency in power consumption. It has been converted into a static green energy learning station for the next generation. On the campus, 223 solar plant modules have been installed on the terrace. It fulfils the entire power supply needs of the school.

Solar plant modules generate the average school requirement of 160 units per day. The excess of 350 units per day is distributed to the other areas of Chettinad Health City for consumption. During the summer, solar power production reaches a peak of 640 watts. On campus, the solar plant generates a 540-watt peak on average. Watt peak: the maximum electrical capacity that a solar cell can yield under ideal circumstances: a solar collector directed towards the sun in a cloudless sky. 

Solar power emits no emissions during production, and life-cycle analyses clearly show that it has a lower carbon footprint from “cradle to grave” than fossil fuels. The solar power plant space becomes our ‘living’ curriculum for our learners’ sustainable learning integration. The energy learning space encourages young minds to practice and consider individual actions regarding fossil fuel power consumption. Green energy is the generation of energy from infinite sources that do not emit carbon dioxide or harm the environment, as well as conscious learning for our students in the fight against global climate change. 


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