Beach clean-up drive for Sarvalokaa students!


As a part of Education for Sustainability at Sarvalokaa, children from Grades 5 to 9 interacted with an expert to better understand the waste management process. After this, the children visited Kovalam Beach (Chennai) as part of a cleaning drive and to apply their learning about waste segregation.

Children learn best by doing and experiencing 

Through the beach clean-up, children were encouraged to collect waste, segregate the waste, inquire about what they saw and what the data suggests, and in turn brainstorm ideas on the projects they can take on in the future. This initiative aimed at helping learners contribute to a restorative project as a team and bring forth awareness about their surroundings. 

Children participated with great enthusiasm and were intrigued by the amount of waste littered by people. It made them reflect on the possibilities to prevent this. The best ways to reduce it? And opportunities for bringing in a change ? 

These small steps to help children become responsible volunteers will bring sustainable change for a better, clean, and healthy environment.  

Stay tuned for more information about such local projects! 


About Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education 

Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Educationwas established in 2017 as an international school located on a 10-acre campus with cutting-edge facilities within the 108-acre Chettinad Health City in OMR Kelambakkam, Chennai. The goal is to develop individuals who are creative, collaborative, adaptable, and resilient through a more humanistic approach that encourages students to discover the joy of learning, embrace challenges, and use the earth’s resources mindfully. 

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