Makar Sankranti Celebration at ODM Global School

Makar Sankranti Celebration at ODM Global School

As the sun rises on Makar Sankranti, we pray that it brings with itself the glow to dim all the darkness in your life. Happy Makar Sankranti! 

On the 16th of January 2023, ODM Global School in Odisha celebrated Makar Sankranti with great zeal, with performances displaying Odisha’s cultural diversity and social unity. The theme was diligently presented by a variety of performances such as singing, dancing, instrumental, and role play in the form of a cultural programme. 

Throwback to the Makar Sankranti Celebration at ODM Global School

The harvest festival was introduced to children through a story that highlighted the festival’s significance. Kite-making and kite-flying competitions, as well as cultural performances by students, were also held on the school’s campus. Both parents and students expressed their appreciation for the event. This helped them appreciate the associated traditions.  

Significance of the Festival

Makar Mela, or Makar Sankranti, is an important festival in Odisha. During the festival, the people of Odisha pray to the Sun God and offer food in exchange for blessings for a healthy and prosperous life. This festival has a special significance in the Odia culture, as it is celebrated next to the Odia Traditional New Year, which takes place in mid-April. For the people of the state, the festival has long held cultural significance. The occasion is marked by the preparation of a variety of mouth-watering delicacies. Makar Chaula dishes, for example, consist of uncooked, freshly harvested rice, banana, jaggery, coconut, rasgullas, sesame, Chhena puddings, and Khai and Liaa. Kite-flying competitions were also held with zeal and enthusiasm at various boarding schools in Odisha.  

Team BSI (Boarding School of India) wishes Happy Makar Sankranti to everyone! 

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