Low-Cost Boarding Schools in Maharashtra

Low Cost boarding school in maharashtra

Living and studying into the best boarding school is a dream for every child. They are now the best ‘home away from home’ alternative for developing discipline and character from an early age. Moreover, it enables students to excel in learning while providing plenty of opportunities to grow holistically, with excellent sports and co-curricular activities 

Low Cost


Why are boarding schools so expensive? 

‘Boarding school is a perfect blend of study and play for students’ 

Compared to govt. schools, private boarding schools in Maharashtra offer their students a top-notch education and boarding facilities. But being the best in their field, they are not easily affordable. Their overwhelming tuition and boarding fees, meritorious student preference, highly qualified faculties is what makes them so expensive.  

On top of that, students who study in these boarding schools perform better in life, get better universities, and achieve the best results in state or national exams. That ultimately enhance schools’ reputations by promoting it on a global stage.  

Even if we leave everything else aside, cost is the primary reason most middle-class parents do not send their kids to boarding school. 

To help such parents looking for affordable boarding school options, we are listing the top boarding schools in Maharashtra, providing the best boarding and academic facilities at a low fee structure. This list highlights the low-cost Boarding Schools in Maharashtra 2022, along with complete information on Fees, Admission procedures, ranking, Rating & Reviews, Curriculum, Facilities, and more.  

The top boarding schools in Maharashtra with Best facilities and low fee 


1. Vidya Niketan High School, Panchgani 

The Vidya Niketan School is located in Panchgani, Pune. You can enroll your child in this school. Here you can see the surroundings of the school are environmentally friendly. 

The school provides all possible opportunities for the best education and the environment for students to enroll and make their future brighter by completing their boarding education. The Vidya Niketan School provides information and parental guidance and maintains a high academic standard. 

Curriculum Activities: Co-curricular activities are music, dancing, vocational guidance, and many more. 

Fee Structure: 170000 to 200000 approx. 


2. Kimmins School, Panchgani 

Kimmins High School is a girls’ residential boarding school in Satara, Panchgani, in the state of Maharashtra, founded in 1898. 

Kimmins School provides hostel facilities for students and teachers who also reside inside the school, maintains the educational environment, and provides the best accommodations for teachers and students. 

If you have been planning to enroll your child in Kimmins School, now you can check all the facilities, fee structure, and other curricular activities provided by the school. 

The fee starts at 231,000. 


 3. Holy Writ High School & Junior College, Maharashtra 

The Holy Writ School was established in 2008. It is a co-educational institute with residential facilities in Badlapur (W), Mumbai. It’s affiliated with the CBSE education board. 

The Holy Writ Boarding School serves students not only from India but also from different countries. They are the pioneers of the progressive learning experience through modern-day education. The boarding school provides the best facilities for students to develop their academic careers as well as the school organizes various co-curricular activities, like sports, healthcare, physical activity, etc. 

Fees Structure: Check out the fee structure of Holy Writ School. Its fees vary from lower class to higher class. 


Class Admission & Fee charges Scholastic & Co- Scholastic charges Others Grand Total in Rs.
Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg 38000 12000 177500 227500
I to II 39400 13800 189510 242710
III to V 39400 13800 217760 270960
VI to VIII 46480 18220 228050 292750
IX to X 46480 18220 246300 311000
XI & XII (Science Stream IT) 52360 40500 262750 355610
XI & XII (Science Stream NON IT) 52360 40500 253750 346610
XI & XII (Commerce Stream IT) 52360 34500 262750 349610
XI & XII (Commerce Stream NON IT) 52360 34500 253750 340610


Facilities & Features: Well ventilated, comfortable sitting area, with an audio-visual method of learning with a Wi-Fi facility. 


4. BK Birla Centre for Education, Pune 

BK Birla is a world-class residential school in Pune and was established in 1998. The school aims to provide a world-class education to students. The BK Birla Campus is spread over 60 acres, with a vast campus, academic blocks, and five hostel blocks. 

Along with providing facilities like intelligent classes, well-ventilated and furnished classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and extra-curricular activities like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, skating, table tennis, and chess. 

Boys’ boarding school fee structure. From Class IV to XII, 

NO. Particulars Class IV to VIII Rupees Class IX to XII Rupees
1 Prospectus By Hand
By Post



2 Registration Fees (One time payment at the time of registration only) 4,000 4,000
3 Admission Fee (One time payment at the time of admission only) 50,000 50,000
4 Security Deposit (One time payment at the time of admission only) 30,000 30,000
5 School Annual Fee (Including tuition fee, boarding and lodging charges) 3,50,000 3,70,000
6 Outfit and Study Material cost (actual expenditure chargeable, balance refundable/adjustable) 50,000 50,000
7 Amount to be paid after confirmation of admission
2nd Instalment to be paid on or before 1st October



5. New Era High School, Panchgani 

New Era is a co-educational residential school in Panchgani, established in 1945. The New Era contains the best approaches to promote education through the most dynamic process. New Era High School provides a best-in-class education to students with modern-day residential facilities and is affiliated with the CBSE Board of Education. 

For the School Prospectus, Fee Structure, Admission detail, and in case of any further queries, please contact our boarding school, admission team.  

Fees Structure: Annual fees of the school are 271500 to 362000 for classes 1st to 12th. 

To initiate the admission process for Academic Year 2022–2023, kindly fill out the form and send it to the admissions desk through email at @boardingschoolsofindia 


6. Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir 

The Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir was established in 2015 and is a co-educational residential school affiliated with the CBSE Board in Thane, Mumbai. 

Ram Ratna Academy will provide education to students. So, they focus on their future dreams, which will come true soon. and make their future bright with the skills and knowledge they have used in their life. The facilities provided by the school are well-ventilated, smart classrooms, computer labs, and well-equipped science and mathematics labs.  

Extra-curricular activities are indoor and outdoor sports; various inter-house competitions, such as English and Hindi elocution, storytelling, poetry recitation; debate, singing, drawing, poster making; and more. 

Ram Ratan School has talented professional teachers for teaching students with practical exposure under their guidance. The school also provides residential facilities for teachers. 

If you are looking for affordable boarding school options in Maharashtra. Here you can check all the facilities among the schools and their fee structure, admission process, and any other queries related to the admission procedure. 

Fees Structure for IV TO XII COM./PLAIN SCI. 2022-23 

384750 to 487450 Lakhs 


7. St. Xaviers High School, Mumbai 

St. Xavier’s School is an English-medium residential boarding school for boys in Mumbai and is supported by the Govt. of Maharashtra. The syllabus for the study was arranged by the Dept. of Education, Maharashtra. 

The school provides the best learning facilities and has well-equipped labs, libraries, AC classrooms, smart classrooms, and a highly professional teaching staff, it organizes indoor and outdoor games and cultural programs for curricular growth. 

If you are looking or planning for the best boarding school for your child, apply now or contact the Boarding Schools of India team for admission guidance and information.  

The fee is also affordable for parents. The annual fee varies from Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs annually.  


8. The Cathedral Vidya School, Pune 

The Cathedral Vidya School was a co-educational school affiliated with the IBDP and IGCSE Boards that was established in 2008 and located in Lonavala, Pune. 

Cathedral School is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in India. That provides a world-class education to the students for the future of the nation. We provide education for students’ careers, not for how to live. These schools also provide additional learning support for weak students and those who want extra classes. 

The school offers the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum for Grades 9 & 10. 

The fee structure varies from Grade 2nd to Grade 12th. Annual fees are 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs, including all the amenities. For admission guidance and more about Cathedral School, 

The school has qualified teachers and high standards of teaching procedure, along with well-equipped labs and smart classes. If you are thinking about choosing a cathedral school, you can find every detail before being admitted to the school. 


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