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Girls boarding school

As a parent of a young daughter, sending her to a boarding school is one of the crucial steps in your life. Even so, the jittery anxiety you may feel when it’s time to select the right boarding school for your beloved child is beyond words.

As a parent you have few but significant expectations from a boarding school. But with so many great schools offering different and unique environments, teaching styles, and philosophies, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right one.

“It is also possible that even the best boarding schools might not be able to meet the basic needs of a girl child”. 

As a leading boarding school search and admission platform, we have met parents, conscious about deciding on sending their daughter to a boarding school. Our mission is to help such parents to find an ideal boarding school for their girl child.

In this blog, we have doubled our efforts to determine all the major parameters, you can consider while evaluating a boarding school to make the right choice for your daughter. 


  1. School Reputation

The right school choice can be a cornerstone of your daughter’s future. The best way to ensure a safe and accumulating learning experience is to go for the most reputed and popular boarding school options, be it co-ed or only girls boarding school. Well-reputed schools can provide the desired results and growth opportunities to them while providing an ideal environment for your daughter.

Although top boarding schools don’t hide the comments, they want parents to be informed about every detail before selecting a boarding school. It is important to find time to research the school.

What parameters are to be considered?

>> How school students’ have performed in previous academic sessions
>> What universities its students got admission
>> Excellence and awards achieved in academics
>> Achievements in inter-school extracurricular activities and sports
>> An overview of their alumni and their placements

  1. Safety & Security

The safety and security of girl students in boarding schools are of the greatest importance. It makes a parent more thoughtful before stepping in for a boarding school. While almost all co-ed boarding schools in India take great cognizance of strict policies to deal with matters of safety and security for girls. They have 24/7 CCTV surveillance and other security measures in place to create safe learning spaces for the girls.

For parents seeking and trusting a boarding school with their much-loved child, it is important to evaluate all the promised facilities to ensure their daughter is in caring and responsible hands.

What parameters are to be considered?

>> The school location is close to the city.
>> Is the school safe? If there is any history of crime against women in the past?
>> How does the school prevent, and handle conflicts, violence, bullying, harassment, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco uses?
>> How does the school prevent and handle other forms of abusive behaviour?
>> What security measures are in place?
>> How the school communicates with parents about security violations matters?

  1. Special Care for Girls

Despite the growing awareness of educating girls, we still need to be conscious of our boarding school choices before making the right one. Even in the 21st century, millions of girls don’t get the care they need from their parents or schools on their difficult days, such as food and nutrition.

Top boarding schools in India are working extensively well in supporting girls with special care to provide necessary nutrition and health care. They are employing and training more female teachers to reduce some of the major risks most teenage girls face in school. To encourage them to learn, become confident, self-sufficient, and become leaders for nation-building. Female teachers can also present as strong role models to girls in creating a brighter future for themselves.

What parameters are to be considered?          

>> What efforts does the school put into maintaining equality in the co-ed learning system?
>> How does the school promote the participation of girls in career growth opportunities?
>> Are the girl students treated with compassion and respect?
>> If it ensures effective implementation of policy for uplifting women’s care and rights, entitlements, and empowerment?
>> Whether the school has a system for providing quality education for girls in a safe and secure environment?
>> If it has a proper career guidance facility in place, especially for girls?

  1. Discipline Management

In a socially connected world, teenage girls face so many problems in their lives. Such issues often turn into risky and inappropriate behaviour towards parents or friends. Though boarding schools are often regarded as the best place to develop an environment for children to learn discipline and be accountable for their actions.

A boarding school may provide a system of a particular code of conduct, behaviour, and punishments for regulating students and making the school well organized. They have fixed schedules for classes, homework, recreation, sports, sleep, etc. Girls living in a boarding school gain an advantage later in life, such as in their careers, managing real-world problems, relationships, etc.

What parameters are to be considered?

>> How boarding school staff helps girl students to foster discipline?
>> If there is a system to teach girls, the importance of being disciplined and accountable?
>> If wardens monitor the daily habits of girls, such as making bed, eating healthy and nutritious food, etc?
>> What value do other co-curricular activities organized by the school add to teaching girls discipline?
>> Do the boarding students, especially girls, appear to be courteous, happy, and disciplined?

  1. Non-academic activities 

Activities outside the classroom, such as co-curricular and extracurricular activities, add value to the classroom curriculum, providing girls with the necessary holistic development environment to succeed in the real world. Girls attending boarding schools are encouraged to take part in activities that have an impact on their academic and personal development. Girls can improve their skills and personality in a variety of ways.

What parameters are to be considered?

>> What extracurricular activities does the school offer after school or on weekends?
>> Do all students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities?
>> What interscholastic activities are available to students?
>> In such activities, how does the school recognize and facilitate girls’ achievements?
>> Does the school sponsor field trips? Are they available to all students?

  1. Inter-cultural Background

A boarding school is a perfect blend of an environment that promotes diversity in the best way possible. It is visible among students who attend boarding schools. Students coming from all across the nation bring their language, culture, and ethnicity with them. This experience can have a positive impact on your daughter’s intellectual engagement, self-motivation, citizenship, and cultural engagement, as well as academic skills while being away from her parents.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, promoting diversity in boarding schools can be done in many ways, including inter-cultural festivals, religious festivals, community gatherings, etc. An excellent boarding school strives to instill respect for all religions and cultures in its students.

What parameters are to be considered?

>> How efficiently the school implements the Right to Education and Girl Education policies of the government.
>> If every student has access to their RTE rights in the admission process?
>> Is there a welcoming attitude toward all parents?
>> How are the students with diverse learning needs (e.g., students with limited English proficiency) treated?
>> Do the teachers appear helpful and friendly to all students irrespective of their religion, caste, and ethnicity?


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Boarding schools can be a better choice over a traditional day school. But when it comes to deciding for their daughter, parents cannot help but feel anxious. the time when they have to decide on a boarding school for their beloved daughter.

We hope you find the mentioned parameters of an ideal boarding school help full,  that will get you in a smooth position to find the perfect boarding school that can suit your daughter. Choosing the best boarding school is also a matter of great concern. Apart from the mentions, there can be many other factors you can also look after to find the right boarding school for your daughter.

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