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COVID-19 Will Affect School Admissions

COVID-19 Will Affect School Admissions

COVID 19 is a new kind of Corona virus where “CO” stands for Corona “VI” stands for Virus and “D” stands for Disease. Legally it was determined to as 2019 Novel Corona Virus.

This virus spreads through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person. People of all ages can be affected by the COVID-19 but people with a weak immune system like older people, people suffering from chronic illness, or small kids.

The World Health Organization had advised people of all age groups to protect themselves from the virus by following good hand hygiene, good respiratory hygiene, and good food habits.

We all know that “An investment in knowledge pays the best dividend”.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has a wide effect on the educational system. School closure had not only impacted students but also teachers and had a severe impact on underprivileged children causing interrupted learning.

Some schools and colleges have ordered to postpone admission process until the lockdown is lifted whereas some have taken the entire process online.

Educational institutions have started admitting students from 1st std. Since the parents can not visit the schools they have started accepting online applications. The applicants just need to log on to their website or by going on social media platforms to get details related to admissions but, there are certain problems in online admissions such as, parents like to visit the institute and check the infrastructure. This is also a reason why many institutions had decided to wait to open the admission windows.

Due to this pandemic, millions of students are getting online education for the first time. This may encourage some new study techniques which eventually effect as: –

1. Online education will became strategic priority of every educational institution:-

The status of online education was nil before the attack of COVID19. All institutions have noticed a wide variation in education techniques. The idea of distance learning is now considered as the most convenient way to deliver knowledge to students.

2. Electronic infrastructures will become an important aspect to look for before admission:-

Every parent wants to give the best to their child. That ‘s why they look for the best the infrastructure to bestow them. The scenario after COVID 19 may change the viewpoint of parents and students to look for an institution. Now, they will prefer an institute with well organized electronic infrastructure which would be helpful in e-learning.

3. Dramatic increase in blended learning: –

Blended learning would refer to the style of education which fallows online learning as well as face to face teaching. It is an approach which combines online educational material and opportunities for interaction with traditional place-based classroom. The post corona period will be time of blended learning.


This pandemic has forced educational institutions to change their admission strategy and process. Now, the major problem is that not every student has a computer or fast streaming internet at home. It may lead to a lack of attendance and participation in online classes. A survey states that only 57 % of students had the required hardware resources. This can be a major obstacle between education and student.

If the school decide to reopen then they must have to fallow some safety directives such as:-

– Intensify that the students can do a lot to keep themselves and others safe.

– Cancelling of assemblies, events and sports periods to avoid unnecessary crowding.

– Managing school shifts.

– Temperature checks and sanitization.

– Special seating arrangements.

– Introduce new topics related to virus and its prevention.

Intensify that the students can do a lot to keep themselves and others safe: –

Students are the future of our nation and they must be aware of the measures to be taken under consideration to protect themselves and others too. Such as maintenance of hygiene and safety.

Cancelling of assemblies, events and sports periods to avoid unnecessary crowding:-

At schools, sports ground and assembly halls are the most crowded places which can lead to the spread of viruses therefore all the events that involve swarming of individuals must be avoided.

Managing school shifts:-

Schools should reschedule school timings and classes in order to avoid the mass gathering of people together. Special shifts can be allotted during the day for teenagers and small pupils.

Temperature checks and sanitization: –

Proper equipment for distant temperature checks must be scored. It is important to sanitize everything and everyone at a regular basis.

Special seating arrangements: –

It is important to maintain special distancing between students during lectures. Schools can undertake different preventive measures like arranging benches at a 1-meter distance, creating plastic shields between desks and avoiding unnecessary.

Introduce new topics related to virus and its prevention: –

The subject syllabus must be incorporated with health-relevant education. Science courses can include the study of virus, disease transmission and the importance of vaccination and subjects like history, geography and economics can accommodate the effects of the pandemic and its management.

This pandemic has not only affected the continuity of learning for millions of young learners in India but also foster far-reaching economic and social loss to the educational institution. According to a survey the educational sector will bear a heavy loss due to lockdown resulting in late admissions.

Now, we can say that this COVID 19 rife has changed the age-old chalk talk teaching method to one driven by technology. The health of students is the chief concern. The schools will be open only once the situation caused due to this pandemic is normalized.

We all know that COVID 19 has influenced the lives of almost every person on the planet. Today the whole world is coming together to face this difficult time. The next few weeks are crucial for every one of us. As students are the most valuable resource of the country. So, it is important to stay calm and keep ourselves update with every upcoming development and go for smart methods to faster your cause. Time never stops, this tough time will also pass. Till then…


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