Convincing a Child to go Boarding in India


A boarding school can provide a young man or woman with a truly life-changing experience. The exposure to high-level academics, diverse cultures from all over the world and the opportunity for their individual development as a young adult can make the boarding school experience one that can make them ready for the challenges that lie ahead. This experience in making this decision and carrying through with it can turn into a nightmare if you and your child are not prepared for it

A children’s instinctive reaction will be negative to the proposition of going to a Boarding school. This is mainly because all they will see is that she is going to be losing all her friends, family and to some extent some the freedom they are used to at home. And, in short, everything she knows and cares about. That’s tough especially for a teenager to deal with. But, if you plan your strategy carefully, and discuss the matter rather than dictate what will happen, will quickly build consensus

It is crucial that preparation for sending your son or daughter to a boarding school begins as soon as you consider it. At the earliest date, you should include them in the decision making process. This does not mean that you allow them to make the decision, but rather listen to what they say and how they feel and take it into consideration.
You should begin by discussing the importance to their receiving the very best education possible. Boarding school can offer opportunities that simply are not available at many public schools, to ensure that these are pointed out to them. Also address the issue that attendance at college most likely will require a separation, and it is much better to face it at the high school level rather than where the academic challenges will be even greater and supervision outside the classroom is non-existent. A boarding school can help them to make that transition more easily and be better prepared for college.

Encourage your child to do some research on boarding schools themselves. Most have their own website, so that is a good place to begin. If possible, take a trip with your child to visit the campus you are considering. Talk with some of the faculty and if possible, some of the students. This can go a long way in convincing your child (and you!) that this is a good idea and the right boarding school. Make sure you get a copy of the school rules and go over them with your child. It is important to make sure you both understand the ground rules before making your decision.

There are over 500 hundred boarding schools in India you have a pretty good chance of finding a school which will suit your requirements. Evaluate a boarding schools programs and activities, which she wants and needs. Importantly your requirements are something that you determine together with your child. Your child needs to buy into the concept of going away to a boarding school. A child needs to understand the benefits both in the short term and in the long term here old mobile betnaija. Your child has to trust your judgment and good sense when you put it to her that way. Then discuss what she needs to build a happy and successful 3 or 4 years away from high school. (Most boarding schools will accept students in grade 8 through grade 10 is undoubtedly a popular entry point).

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