Boarding schools vs. Private schools

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With the influx of latest trends in the modern education system, parents have been more conscious about the educational organization to send their child into. And lately, this deliberation of them has given a rise to the boarding school education type.

Boarding schools have a number of benefits.

All the good boarding schools give maximum attention to the overall development of a student which starts with inculcating regulation and discipline to follow daily routine and rules which is absent in day boarding schools.

A decent parity is maintained between the physical and mental development of the child. Students are kept sufficiently occupied through a well-balanced daily schedule in academics, sports, and other co-curricular activities. While in most private and public schools academics are of the utmost significance.

The students here get equal attention with similar lifestyle and luxuries, thus the sense of financial status is not developed amongst them. Children are accustomed to seeing each other equally both morally and financially. Whereas in private schools, a sense of financial superiority in the minds of the children might develop, this can be problematic in the long run.

A better monitoring of the students can be done by the teachers in the aspects of emotional, physical, academic and sports. Children are taught to be individualistic, independent and self-reliant. They learn management of finances and time. Since they are not exposed to a pampered environment children come out to be emotionally sagacious and confident.

In today’s scenario where both the parents are working to earn their livelihood poses a severe challenge in allotting the much required time, love and affection. Boarding schools offer an ambience where there are students of similar age and thought process are present due to which the child is never deprived of a jovial and merry environment. They get to meet the children who are from diverse and distinct culture and society which broadens their frame of mind and improves their intellectual ability.

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