GIS Holds a Scintillating Celebration of Republic Day

GIS Holds a Scintillating Celebration of Republic Day

A special assembly held at Ganga International School to commemorate India’s 72nd Republic Day emphasised the significance of Republic Day, the Indian Constitution, and the life of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution. Various competitions, such as fancy-dress with the theme of freedom fighters, singing, essays, and speeches, were also organised for students from classes III to XII to pay homage to the sacrifices of the freedom fighters. 

Highlights of the celebrations 

The enthusiastic celebration of Republic Day at GIS filled everyone with a spirit of patriotism and pride. Dressed as revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement, the students threw light on the significance of the day through patriotic dance, slogan speaking, mesmerising dances, and a skit dedicated to the nation. Patriotic songs highlighted their love for the nation. 

On the occasion, the dynamic principal, Ms. Swati Joshi, hoisted the flag, thanked parents for their support, and briefly explained to kids how the constitution was drafted. Furthermore, she read out loud our rights and duties under the constitution and explained why we should respect and be proud of them. The principal’s inspiring speech, delivered by Ms. Joshi, filled the hearts of the students with a desire to serve the nation by doing their work with sincerity. It was indeed a memorable celebration of Republic Day at GIS. 

About Ganga International School 

Ganga International School in New Delhi is one of India’s premier residential schools. This residential school is sprawled across 20 acres of property, with expansive playgrounds in the lush natural surroundings. The Delhi boarding school has gained the distinction of being one of India’s most prestigious boarding schools, with a capacity of 1,000 pupils. 

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