GIS is Rejuvenating Education with ‘the Arts’

GIS Arts intregration Program

“Art transforms and illuminates; it educates, inspires, and motivates.” 

To emphasize the importance of arts integration design to make the teaching and learning process more interactive and fruitful, GIS, Kudna,Kudna held a session on 29th March 2023, that was interactive and activity-based. The dynamic principal, Ms. Swati Joshi, as a true leader and facilitator, enlisted the participation of the entire teaching faculty in a variety of innovative and novel activities. This helped to clarify the true essence of art integration. It was a very informative and enriching experience, as all of the teachers enthusiastically participated and demonstrated their creativity, critical thinking, and innovative streak.


Integrating the arts in a meaningful way: Make learning fun, multi-disciplinary, connected, and creative for your learners.

Arts integration is an approach in which students construct and demonstrate their understanding through different forms of art. Cross-curricular art education doesn’t burden students with heavy expectations, but instead develops a parallel approach to integrating the arts and STEM education. Arts inclusion in school curricula can aid students’ academic success as well as social and emotional growth. 

When schools integrate the arts across the curriculum, disciplinary referrals decrease while instruction effectiveness and teachers’ ability to meet all students’ needs improve. The arts are hands-on, immediate, focus on positive accomplishments, create valuable products, and encourage collaboration. 


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